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City Construction Projects

Capital Improvement Projects

The city of Scottsdale is responsible for the design and construction of numerous water, wastewater, streets, drainage and facilities projects each year.

PROJECTS Under consideration for Bond funding

The following are future projects under consideration by the city.


Renovate Vista Del Camino Park/Indian Bend Wash Area from McKellips Road to Thomas Road  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $18,500,000

The park was completed in 1975 and the infrastructure is 40 years old. The project includes improving and upgrading the turf irrigation system, lakes, multi-use paths, park buildings, ramadas and playgrounds. Updating materials and technologies will lower annual operating cost, enhance water conservation and quality, resolve lake edge erosion and allow more effective use of park open space areas.

Upgrade Chemical Treatment Systems in Four City Aquatic Facilities  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $3,510,000

Providing on-site chlorine generation systems and ultraviolet treatment will improve safety at these public facilities by eliminating the need for bulk chemical storage and handling hazardous chemicals. The new systems also will provide a safe and consistent disinfectant solution for the public pools. The proposed system is similar in design to those used at city water treatment facilities.

Replace Aging Restrooms, Maintenance and Storage Buildings at Four City Parks  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $3,400,000

Buildings at Indian School Park, ElDorado Park, Vista del Camino South and McCormick –Stillman Railroad Park are more than 20 years old, past traditional life cycle replacement and do not meet current ADA requirements. The new buildings will house park restrooms, provide storage, and use updated materials and technologies that will help reduce costs, lower water use and save energy.

Replace Outdated Irrigation Systems  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $1,900,000

Replacing outdated irrigation systems and control technology used in city parks, medians and rights of way will help reduce costs by lowering water usage and increasing energy efficiency.

Install Energy Efficient Sports Field Lighting at Four Facilities  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $4,600,000

Replace outdated ballfield lighting at Horizon Park, Pima School, Laguna School and Scottsdale Sports Complex. The new technology will increase lighting efficiency and reduce operating costs while providing the required amount of lighting for community use. The project will also add new lighting to ballfields that are currently unlit to allow for additional community use.


Improve the Intersection of Hayden and Chaparral Roads  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $2,510,000

Lengthening the northbound right-turn lane will improve safety, increase this intersection’s capacity and enhance access between Downtown Scottsdale and Loop 101. Building a pedestrian underpass beneath Chaparral Road on the east side of Hayden Road will provide a safe crossing of the roadway and connectivity between parks on each side of Chaparral Road.

Widen Happy Valley Road from Pima Road to Alma School Road  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $4,830,000

Widen Happy Valley Road to 5-lanes including a potential multi-lane roundabout at the intersection with Alma School Road. This project will “close the gap” as Happy Valley Road is five lanes to the east and to the west of this project’s boundaries. The total cost for this project is $16.1 M; this project is eligible for regional funding of $11.3 M, this would fund the remaining $4.8 M.

Highland Avenue Intersections at Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $2,100,000

Design and build intersection improvements on Highland Avenue at Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard and improve the sidewalk along Highland Avenue between Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard.

Improve and Repair Sidewalks in Downtown Scottsdale  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $4,000,000

Build missing sidewalk segments and improve sidewalks in the downtown area generally bounded by Goldwater Boulevard, Camelback Road, Drinkwater Boulevard, and Earl Drive to provide way finding and pedestrian mobility.

Add Bike Lanes on McDowell Road  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $3,100,000

Adding bike lanes on McDowell Road from 64th Street to Scottsdale Road and from Hayden Road to Granite Reef Road will provide a continuous bike lane from 64th Street to Pima Road. The new bike lanes will be created by reducing the width of the median and travel lanes.


Replace Energy Control Systems at Five City Buildings  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $1,500,000

Systems to monitor, measure and control electric building loads, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting systems are outdated, no longer compatible with current computer standards and at risk of failure.

Improve WiFi in Public Buildings  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $470,000

Improve public and staff Internet connectivity in Scottsdale’s most heavily used buildings by installing a centrally managed wireless network.

Purchase Disaster Recovery Technology Infrastructure  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $4,900,000

Buy software and hardware to prepare for an unexpected loss of the city’s primary data center and critical business operation technologies.


Replace 140 Miles of Deteriorated Pavement on City Streets  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $12,500,000

This project will repair and repave approximately 140 miles of various local, collector and major streets around Scottsdale that have exceeded their life cycle.


Design and Build Fire Station 613 (Desert Foothills)  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $5,100,000

Replace a temporary modular facility in the Desert Foothills area at Jomax and Hayden roads. The new station will include crew quarters and facilities, office space, OSHA-certified decontamination area, safety gear storage and an apparatus bay.

Design and Build Fire Station 616 (Desert Mountain)  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $3,700,000

Replace a temporary facility with a permanent fire station at 110th Street and Cave Creek Road. The new station will include crew quarters and facilities, office space, OSHA-certified decontamination area, safety gear storage and an apparatus bay.

Relocate Fire Station 603 (McCormick Ranch Area)  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $6,750,000

Buy land, design and build a new site for Fire Station 603 in the McCormick Ranch area to improve response times to that portion of the city. The new station will include crew quarters and facilities, office space, OSHA-certified decontamination area, safety gear storage and two apparatus bays.

Renovate Fire Station 605 (75th Street & Shea Boulevard)  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $800,000

Fire Station 605 was built in 1983. This project would improve the bathrooms, locker rooms, bunk rooms, and kitchen. The renovated apparatus bay area also will include an OSHA compliant decontamination room and personal protective equipment storage.


Expand and Renovate the Civic Center Jail and Police Station  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $10,100,000

The Civic Center Jail will be expanded and renovated so that all city jail operations can be centralized at this location. In addition, the Civic Center Police facility will be expanded to support the needs of the High Enforcement Arrest Team, K9 unit, Bike Support Unit and Downtown Patrol Services.

Rebuild Public Safety Vehicle Training Track  (PDF)

Estimated Project Cost: $1,700,000

The track at the Thomas A. Hontz Training Facility has reached the end of its life cycle and needs to be replaced to safely accommodate public safety training needs. The track supports a variety of driver and safety training for Scottsdale’s Police and Fire departments.

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Traffic Impacts

Find out what projects are currently impacting Scottsdale's roadways. The Traffic Restrictions Report is a partial list of road construction projects and traffic restrictions currently taking place in Scottsdale.

Public Involvement

The city regularly seeks public input during the planning and design phases of all capital projects. Visit the City Calendar and see what meetings are coming up soon.

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