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 Understanding Your New Utility Bill

Your ChargesStarting mid January, Scottsdale utility bills will have a new look! The new bills are a result of more efficient technology for bill generation and the redesign gave us a chance to make some content enhancements. An explanation of your monthly charges now appears on the back of your bill, as does the current residential tiered rate schedule. To help you identify all the features of your billing statement, we've created a guide to Understanding Your Utility Bill.   

Wastewater Adjustment Form now available 

Did you know your sewer rates are updated annually and are based on your water usage billed in December, January and February? If the water used during this time is not an accurate reflection of the water discharged to the sewer system -- you are planting a winter lawn, repairing leaks or filling a swimming pool, for example -- you can request a recalculation by completing a Wastewater Adjustment Form. Form must be submitted by Sept. 30, 2015.


Receive up to $250 for removing your water softener! Help reduce the amount of salinity in our reclaimed water while saving money and protecting the environment.

Learn more.

Water Quality Report 2014 small2014 WATER QUALITY REPORT

Scottsdale takes great pride in delivering safe, affordable tap water to our customers 24/7/365.  This informative report includes valuable information about your drinking water including where your water comes from, water treatment processes, the many results from our rigorous testing program and how we stack up to federal standards.  Learn more.


Budget photoBased on the updated five-year financial plans, a synopsis of revenue requirements and recommended miscellaneous water charges and rate changes for the wastewater enterprise fund are explained in this report.



Water Sustainability through Stewardship, Innovation and People
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Current Water/Sewer Projects

Parks are Green and Water Lean

Septic System Brochure (pdf/387kb/18pp)


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