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Case Type Title Description
Abandonments AB Requests for abandonment or street right-of-way.
Annexations AN Requests for annexing land from another jurisdiction or de-annex land from the City to another jurisdiction.
Board of Adjustment BA Requests for Zoning Ordinance variances or zoning interpretation appeals.
Development Review DR Requests for approval of preliminary plats, site plan, building design, landscaping, or exterior color.
Extension of Premise EX Requests for a permanent extension of premise of an existing liquor license.
General Plan Amendments GP Requests to change the general plan from the current land use designation.
Hardship Exemptions HE Requests for ESL hardship exemptions.
Historic Preservation HP Requests on historic property land use designation.
Infill Incentive II Requests for infill incentive districts.
In-lieu Parking IP Requests for in-lieu parking programs participation.
Liquor Licenses LL View pending liquor license cases.
Master Plans MP Requests for master site plan approval.
Master Sign Plans MS Requests for approval of Master Sign Plans are reviewed by the Development Review Board to ensure compliance with current standards and regulations.
Preliminary Plat PP Requests for approval of preliminary plats are reviewed by the Development Review Board. Preliminary plats are included in the DR listing.
Text Amendments TA Requests for an amendment to the City of Scottsdale Zoning Code (Ordinance 455).
Conditional Use Permits UP Requests for a use listed as "conditionally permitted" in the zoning district.
Zoning ZN Requests for a zoning map amendment.

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