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Become a Lifeguard

Why Lifeguarding?

Scottsdale Lifeguard

  • Lifeguarding is a fun and serious job.

  • Entertaining and beneficial experience, plus every day brings new adventures.

  • Pay for lifeguarding is higher than pay for other part-time jobs.

  • Being a lifeguard is more than just sitting on a chair waiting for the minutes to go by.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a lifeguard class to become certified. (Once you choose a class, click 'Class Registration' off to the right to register).
  2. Fill out an application for the City of Scottsdale. 
  3. Take a skills test with the city. Skills tests formally test applicants on water rescue scenarios and CPR scenarios as well as an oral interview.
  4. Start working and have fun!

What will I Get Paid?

  • Lifeguard - $10.98/hour
  • Instructor - $11.52/hour
  • Assistant Manager - $13.34/hour

For More Information

Contact 480-312-6677 or email: terickson@scottsdaleaz.gov

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