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Sign Regulations, Processes and Permits

Information and resources on the City of Scottsdale Sign Ordinance, sign requirements and restrictions, sign permit application review and process, sign inspections, and master sign programs. Select from the topics and resources below:


Sign Ordinance Update – Permanent Signs
On July 5, 2017, the City Council adopted new permanent sign requirements. The ordinance update amended the requirements for permanent signs, related provisions, requirements, and definitions.

Adopted Permanent Sign Ordinance:

Permanent Sign Ordinance – Ordinance No. 4315 & Resolution No. 10834  (PDF)
Case Information Sheet

Sign Ordinance Update – Temporary Signs
On May 23, 2017, the City Council adopted new temporary sign requirements. The ordnance update amended the requirements for temporary signs, related provisions, requirements, and definitions, and removed special event sign regulations from the Zoning Ordinance.

Adopted Temporary Sign Ordinance:

Temporary Sign Ordinance – Ordinance No. 4300 & Resolution No. 10727  (PDF)
Case Information Sheet 


Temporary Banner Signs
Prohibited Temporary (Illegal Signs)
Campaign Signs  


When a sign permit is required, in accordance with Section 8.303.I - Requirement of Permitlinks to external site, this section outlines the permit application requirements, plan review times and inspection process:

The City of Scottsdale One Stop Shop will not process incomplete sign permit applications.

  • Refer to Page 3 of 5 of the Sign Permit Application for minimum submittal requirements.
  • Arizona Revised Statutes § 9-835(D) requires an Administrative Review & Acceptance of permit applications prior to a Substantive Review at the One Stop Shop.          
  • When the application is Administratively Accepted at the One Stop Shop, sign plan review fees are collected, and the application goes into Substantive Review.
  • Substantive Review timeframe: 7 calendar days (per review).
  • The One Stop Shop does not provide over-the-counter sign review services.
  • After the sign permit application review is approved, the applicant is contacted by the One Stop Shop to pick-up the approved plans.
  • Sign permit fees are paid in-person at the One Stop Shop.
  • A sign permit inspection card is issued to the applicant.


Once a permit is issued, applicant has 180 days to obtain the first inspection or the permit will expire. Each proceeding inspection must occur within 180 days of the latest inspection. A fee is required to reinstate an expired permit.

  • After the installation, the applicant schedules an inspection through the Inspection Services Department.
  • A City Building Inspector visits the site to ensure the sign(s) are installed in compliance with the approved plans.
  • Inspection Services Department


Most commercial developments in Scottsdale are governed by a Master Sign Program (MSP). The purpose of a MSP is to provide consistent sign design and placement standards for building and freestanding signs. All signage contained within the development are to comply with the design standards established by the Master Sign Program.

  • Some developments may not have a Master Sign Program.
  • Utilize the provided search options below to check if a development has a MSP.
  • Always consult with the property owner or property management company to check if there is a copy the development’s MSP on-file.


Master Sign Program Case File Search
Search for MS, SA or DR Case Type with ‘Master Sign Program’ or ‘MSP’ in the case name.

  • MS – Master Sign Program
  • SA – Staff Approval
  • DR – Development Review Board


Online Map
Search an area of the City for information on master sign programs, development cases, plan reviews, building permits and code enforcement notices.

  • Filter the date range. The earlier the date, the more probable search hits (ex: 01/01/1990 to today’s date).
  • Click on the location of the development to show a list of search hits.
  • Master Sign Programs are labeled as “Cases” as indicated by a red icon on the map.
  • Look for MS, SA, or DR cases with ‘Master Sign Program’ or ‘MSP’ in the case name.

Identify the case number (ex: 15-MS-2016), and utilize Case File Search to view the case online.


Visit the One Stop Shop and speak with a Planner.


Email Planning Department Staff  to request a digital copy of a Master Sign Program. E-mail requests are processed within 1-2 business days.

Include the following information in the email:

  • ‘Master Sign Program Request’ in the subject line.
  • Requester’s name, title/company, email address, and phone number.
  • The name of the development.
  • Address or Maricopa County Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) of the development.


Requests to approve new master sign programs, amend existing master sign programs, or rescind outdated master sign programs, begins with the City’s Pre-Application Process.

During the pre-application process, it will be determined by Planning Staff whether the master sign program request will be reviewed through the City’s Development Review Board (DRB) process or Minor Development Review (Staff Approval) process.

Process Flow Charts:

Application Fees (Refer to Pre-Application & Sign Fees):


Still have sign questions? Email Planning Staff, or visit the One Stop Shop and speak with an on-call Planner. Emails are returned within 1-2 business days.