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Design Standards & Policies Manual

The Design Standards & Policies Manual (DSPM) is one of the official documents setting forth city requirements, standards, policies and procedures to enable development professionals to bring a development concept to fruition, including preparing plans, reports and related documents necessary to meet city standards.

This manual consists of twelve chapters which are: site planning; land divisions; grading and drainage; transportation; water; wastewater; streetscapes, parks and trails; public works and facilities; native plants; fire; and disability access. The information is generally presented in a sequence that parallels developing a tract of land from site planning and platting, to grading and development.

Proposed 2017 DSPM

The DSPM was crafted in its current format in 2007, and updated in 2008 and 2009. A proposed 2017 update has been completed and open for review. A tentative December 7, 2017 DRB adoption consideration date has been established.

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2009 DSPM

This manual has been adopted by a Resolution of the Development Review Board under the authority delegated to it by the City Council (Section 48-5 of the Scottsdale Revised Code (SRC)).

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