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Protect your home’s pipes during freezing temperatures
Winter temperatures in the desert can drop below freezing. Plan ahead to prevent pipes from freezing this winter and avoid costly repairs to your property.
Protect your home's pipes during freezing temperatures
Be sure to protect your pipes this winter as temperatures drop into the 30s.
Panel discussion shares insights on the future of recycled water in Arizona
Scottsdale Water Executive Director Brian Biesemeyer joined industry experts on Monday in a panel discussion about the future of recycled water in Arizona.
One Water Brewing Showcase features the future of water in Arizona
Scottsdale Water will host the One Water Brewing Showcase – a one-of-a-kind event featuring beer made exclusively with advanced water purification – on Nov. 3 and 4.
Water source secured for Rio Verde Foothills District
On Monday, Oct. 9, the city of Scottsdale will begin providing water for transport to Maricopa County residents living in the Rio Verde Foothills area.
State legislators tour Scottsdale Water’s Advanced Water Treatment Facility
Scottsdale Water was proud to partner with the AZ Water Association Wednesday to welcome a group of state legislators on a tour of the Scottsdale Water campus, including an up-close look at the city’s Advanced Water Treatment Facility.
WIFA approves $250,000 Water Conservation grant for Scottsdale Water’s residential grass removal program
Scottsdale Water applied for the grant to bolster the increase in its residential grass removal incentive rebate for this fiscal year.
Scottsdale City Council approves water exchange partnership with Tucson
The Scottsdale City Council approved a new agreement Aug. 21 that will create a new water exchange partnership between Scottsdale and the city of Tucson.
Federal government declares tier one for Colorado River in 2024; Scottsdale continues conservation efforts
The Bureau of Reclamation announced this week that the Colorado River system will be in a tier one water shortage for calendar year 2024. The change comes after an abnormally wet winter during 2023, where water levels eased throughout the Colorado River basin.
Scottsdale shows reduced water use during hottest month on record
While temperatures soared across the Valley last month, water use dropped in Scottsdale saving seven percent when compared to July 2022, and nearly 180 million gallons of water.
Scottsdale Water customers receiving EPCOR notices
EPCOR recently sent letters to “shared customers” who receive wastewater services from Scottsdale Water and are also EPCOR water customers.
Scottsdale City Council adopts water-saving landscape ordinance
The Scottsdale City Council Monday took a significant step towards amplifying the city’s water conservation efforts by adopting an ordinance that limits water-intensive landscapes at new single-family homes.
Scottsdale Water’s robust rebate program now open
Scottsdale Water’s highly popular rebate program is now open for residents and businesses to take advantage of water saving opportunities and get financial incentives for their conservation efforts.
Scottsdale Water kicks off summer watering guidance
Scottsdale Water is sending out irrigation guidance to residents and businesses – desert landscape should be watered no more than twice a week. Landscape should also be watered after 7 p.m. and before 10 a.m. The message hopes to resonate with customers to make the irrigation process easier to understand and execute.
Despite wet winter, drought remains
One good year of precipitation does not erase decades of drought.
Scottsdale City Council to consider Rio Verde Foothills agreement
On Tuesday, Feb. 21, the City Council will consider authorizing the city manager to execute an agreement with Maricopa County that would re-open a supply of water for non-city residents in unincorporated Rio Verde Foothills, while remaining in compliance with Scottsdale's drought management plan.
Scottsdale saved more than 38 million gallons of water in 2022
The city of Scottsdale reduced municipal water use by 38 million gallons in 2022, following-through on a commitment made last January in the face of worsening drought in the Colorado River basin.
Scottsdale statement and facts - Rio Verde Foothills water
Rio Verde is a separate community governed by Maricopa County, not the City of Scottsdale. Scottsdale has warned and advised that it is not responsible for Rio Verde for many years, especially given the requirements of the City’s mandated drought plan. The city remains firm in that position, and confident it is on the right side of the law. Nothing in the city's action precludes residents in Rio Verde Foothills from purchasing water from other sources. The water haulers who have previously hauled water from Scottsdale have access to water from other jurisdictions and are still offering to haul water to serve the homes in Rio Verde.
Residential mailings regarding the service line warranty program
The city of Scottsdale has partnered with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to offer protection to city homeowners for the water and sewer service lines that connect their homes to the city 's systems. The coverage is 100% voluntary and provided at no cost to the city of Scottsdale.
Public Notice - Water: Land Use Assumptions & Infrastructure Improvement Plan
The City of Scottsdale hereby gives notice of a public hearing to be held at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on May 18, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. in the Kiva in City Hall, 3939 Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona in connection with the City’s intention to modify the Land Use Assumptions report and Infrastructure Improvement Plan report.

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