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Plan your Fall with Scottsdale Parks and Rec
There's so much to do in Scottsdale.
Don't forget to Register for Fall 2017 Activities
Most activities begin in September. Register today!
Living with wildlife in Scottsdale
People aren't the only residents in Scottsdale - a variety of wildlife also call our community home.
Chaparral Pool Summer Hours and Events!
Chaparral Pool in Scottsdale is ready for summer fun.
Swim Under the Stars! Moonlight swims are back.
Scottsdale pools stay open late for night swims.
Plan your Summer with Scottsdale Parks and Recreation
Scottsdale Parks and Recreation summer registration starts May 1 for programs taking place this summer.
Scottsdale’s first microlibrary will open at Chaparral Park April 11
Scottsdale Public Library will make books easily available to people at city parks by opening “Books2go” microlibraries at locations throughout the city.
Girls Night out at the Stadium, April 22
Don't miss this fun night out - Free admission & lots of fun!
Compete at the 2017 Wedge Skate Jam on Feb. 25
Showcase your skills at this local Skate Jam, sponsored by Sidewalk Surfer and Skate True.
What you need to know about flying drones in Scottsdale Parks
Know before you fly.
Video: Indian School Park Playground
Take a look the new Indian School Park playground.