Bike Lane Improvements

Program Details

Scottsdale’s roadway restriping and Complete Streets safety projects are designed to improve on-street bicycle lanes and enhance bicyclist and pedestrian comfort. The striping changes also support Scottsdale’s designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community. Complete Streets are designed to ensure convenient, comfortable access for all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders, regardless of age and physical ability. The city also considers a street’s proximity to the path system when selecting a section of roadway to become a Complete Street.

City engineers, planners and pavement maintenance crews work together on roadway restriping designs and scheduling projects in conjunction with planned pavement preservation work. The results are upgraded city streets at a significant cost savings for the city. Scottsdale’s Transportation Action Plan (TAP 2022) identifies more than 35 lane miles of roadway to be repurposed with new or improved bike lanes replacing unneeded auto lanes. Another 35 miles of 2-lane roadways with low traffic volumes are planned to be restriped for new or improved bike lanes by removing center turn lanes.

124th st. - Before Restriping
124th st. - Before Restriping
124th st. - After Restriping
124th st. - After Restriping

Definition of a Complete Street:

Complete Streets are streets designed and operated to enable safe use and support mobility for all users. Those include people of all ages and abilities, regardless of whether they are travelling as drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, or public transportation riders. The concept of Complete Streets encompasses many approaches to planning, designing, and operating roadways and rights of way with all users in mind to make the transportation network safer and more efficient. Complete Street policies are set at the state, regional, and local levels and are frequently supported by roadway design guidelines.

U.S. Department of Transportation


Scottsdale is a gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community; the city received this prestigious designation in 2011. See the list below to learn more about Scottsdale’s affiliation with the League of American Bicyclists:

  • The League of American Bicyclists awards Bicycle Friendly Communities with Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status. Scottsdale surpassed bronze-level membership and debuted as a silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community in 2007.
  • Scottsdale was the first city without a major university to receive silver-level status.
  • Scottsdale is currently one of 35 gold-level Bicycle Friendly Communities in the U.S. Only five cities have reached platinum level. 
  • Scottsdale was the first gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community in metropolitan Phoenix, there are currently 9 bicycle friendly communities in Arizona.
  • 950 communities have applied to become a Bicycle Friendly Community - 496 are currently recognized as a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level community.
  • There are 1,471 Bicycle Friendly Businesses and 212 Bicycle Friendly Universities in the country.
  • The award is valid for four years. In 2023 Scottsdale will renew the application with a goal to reach platinum-level status.
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