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Trailer serves up cold water at city events

water trailerScottsdale Water has debuted its new Choose Tap! Water Trailer and it’s a huge hit!

This mobile drinking water station is part of Scottsdale Water’s Choose Tap! campaign, which highlights the benefits of choosing tap water over bottled water. The campaign focuses on three benefits of tap water: It's affordable (a 25-ounce reusable bottle can be refilled 1,200 times for just $1), it’s safe (the Scottsdale Water Quality Lab performs over 17,500 tests on water samples annually), and it’s sustainable (Scottsdale's drinking water comes from renewable surface water sources). 

The Choose Tap! trailer, which attaches directly to a fire hydrant, serves up chilled tap water at major city events providing a customer service, and a public health benefit (encouraging hydration) while also promoting the city's extensive sustainability initiatives. 

Encouraging event attendees to bring reusable water bottles (or reuse cups or bottles from the event) also helps mitigate the waste of disposable water bottles at outdoor events. It is estimated that fewer than one in five disposable water bottles are recycled -- over eighty percent ending up in our landfills and waterways. 

At this year's Scottsdale Arts Festival alone, the trailer dispersed 3,018 gallons of water. That’s the equivalent of just over 19,300 one-time use bottles!

The Choose Tap! campaign also supported the installation of 22 EZH2O bottle-filling drinking fountains around the city over the past year as replacements for existing drinking fountains. The bottle-filling stations were installed in several locations, including Indian School and Scottsdale Ranch parks and tennis centers, Horizon Park and Community Center, Via Linda and Granite Reef senior centers, McDowell Mountain Ranch Fitness Center and Scottsdale Stadium. These stainless steel bottle-filling stations and drinking fountains, provide the public access to affordable, safe, environmentally sustainable water while on the go in Scottsdale.

So whether you're heading to a major city event or just hitting the gym or tennis center, remember to bring your refillable water bottle and always choose tap!

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