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Scottsdale residents and businesses will not be affected by anticipated Colorado River cuts

The Central Arizona Project (CAP) and Arizona Department of Water Resources announced an anticipated declaration of the first-ever “Tier 1 Shortage” regarding the supply of Colorado River water to Arizona stakeholders, including Scottsdale.

While the shortage will result in cuts to Arizona’s share of the river, Scottsdale residents and businesses will not see any restrictions or changes to their supply.

Here’s what to know:

  • Scottsdale is prepared for a Colorado River shortage
  • Stakeholders across the state work collaboratively to share responsibility in drought mitigation efforts under the Drought Contingency Plan
  • Water supplies to tribes and municipalities will not be affected in “Tier 1”

  • Agriculture pools in Arizona will be reduced to offset water supply restrictions
  • While supplies won’t change for Scottsdale residents or businesses, everyone is urged to continue drought conservation efforts

Scottsdale Water has made significant investments to prevent shortages of its supply by updating systems and facilities, implementing innovative water management strategies and prioritizing conservation.

In April, Scottsdale City Council approved an updated Drought Management Plan  (PDF) which outlines the management of water-supply and water-use during an episode of reduced supply.

Learn more at CAP’s Colorado River Shortage fact sheet.

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