Traffic Signals LED Technology

The use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for traffic signal lamps is an example of Scottsdale's commitment to innovation and cost savings. 

The average life of an incandescent lamp is one year as compared to a life expectancy of an LED lamp which is up to ten years.

Benefits of a longer lamp life include:

  • less maintenance
  • shorter traffic delays caused by repair equipment in intersections
  • greatly reduced electric bills
  • reduced risks for technicians and motorists due to reduction of time spent replacing burned out lamps at intersections

Comparative Wattage Use

Description Incandescent LED Percent Reduction
8" Red 91 7 92.3%
8" Green 91 9.5 89.6%
12" Red 136 14 89.7%
12" Green 136 19 86.0%
12" Red Arrow 136 6.5 95.2%
LED Technology Average Reduction 90.5% 

Battery Backup

The City of Scottsdale's traffic signal section has now installed battery backup systems (UPSs) at Scottsdale's busiest intersections. The increased safety to motorist and police officers is tremendous! In the past, during a power outage, an officer was required to direct traffic at dark intersections. This is hazardous to police officers and can cause delay to motorists. With the installation of these backup units at 25 of our busiest intersections, we will virtually eliminate power outages, thereby dramatically increasing safety to motorists as well as officers who have to direct traffic during power outages. What made installation of battery backup possible, was the installation of low power light emitting diodes (LEDs) which replaced incandescent lamps. Environmentally friendly LEDs drastically reduce electric consumption.

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