Who do I contact to report a drainage or flooding problem?

For emergency street flooding: call Scottsdale Police Department at 480-312-5000.

  • If a drainage facility is in need of maintenance: Public infrastructure - call Street Operations at 480-312-5620; Private infrastructure - call Stormwater Management at 480-312-2500
  • If there is a drainage problem around your home, see the: "Homeowner's Guide to Drainage" (PDF)
  • To report over-watering/excessive irrigation, call Water Conservation at 480-312-5650 or Report Online
  • If there is street ponding after rainfall: call Stormwater Management at 480-312-2500 or Street Operations at 480-312-5620
  • For new home/private development ongoing construction: call Inspection Services at 480-312-5750
  • For city construction projects: call Capital Project Management at 480-312-7250
  • Stormwater and Floodplain Management Regulations: Call Stormwater Management at 480-312-2500 or send an email to ACouch@scottsdaleaz.gov
  • Existing or planned drainage and flood control capital improvement projects: Call Stormwater Management at 480-312-2500, send an email to ACouch@scottsdaleaz.gov, or call Capital Project Management at 480-312-7250
  • For the Mosquito Hotline (24 hours): call Maricopa County Environmental Services at 602-506-6616
  • For flooding within Maricopa County: call 602-506-1501

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