Is there an Elevation Certificate on File for my House?

  • If your house was built after 1990 the city should have an elevation certificate on file. If your house was built prior to 1989, a certificate probably does not exist unless you or a previous owner had one prepared. If your house was built in 1989 or 1990, there may be a certificate on file with the city. A property document search tool is available to locate elevation certificate on file with the city.
  • If there isn't a certificate on file, you will have to hire a registered land surveyor or a professional civil engineer to prepare one for you. If you are located in Flood Zone A or AO, the home owner can prepare their own, but you will need to perform a survey and certify that it is correct. For more information or a copy of a blank form, call Stormwater Management at 480-312-2500 or visit to external site.

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