Recycling & Alley Refresh Campaign

Program Overview

The Scottsdale City Council recently initiated the Old Town Scottsdale Recycling and Alley Refresh Campaign. The goal of the program is to provide recycling options, beautify the alleys and increase sustainability.

There are two major components to the program, The Alley Refresh Program and a Pilot Recycling Program. A questionnaire is available for all downtown business owners and residents to help determine interest in participating in the recycling program, what roadblocks currently exist to recycling and what factors would make the program most successful.

Take the Old Town Recycling Questionnaire

Alley Refresh Program

Four Alleys in the Old Town Area were identified to participate in the Alley Refresh Program. Scottsdale Code Enforcement and Solid Waste Teams worked in tandem with business and property owners to take steps to clean and improve Old Town Alleys with the goal of keeping them clean and welcoming.

Alley Assessment & Cleanup

Map outlining the dates and 4 areas involved in the cleanup

The team worked in alleys on a rotating schedule to assess needs and make improvements. Members of the city's code enforcement team performed inspections to assess the state of the alleyways and met with business owners to make improvements. Solid Waste Services cleaned around trash enclosures and painted or replaced trash bins as needed. All businesses along the alley were invited to participate in a one-time free business bulk trash pickup at the end of the clean up period.

The alley refresh will also addressed the following concerns:

  • Outside storage of materials, equipment, and business-related items
  • Encroachment into sidewalks and walking paths
  • Graffiti
  • Litter, trash, shopping carts and debris
  • Blight and deteriorated surfaces of buildings
  • Grass and weeds

Clean, cared for alleys, not only improve the aesthetics of downtown, but also deter crime and improve the health of the community, all of which is good for business.

Alley Repaving

As a final step in the program, alleys were repaved in mid-January. The new surface will enhance curb appeal for businesses and provide a smoother and safer driving experience for employees and customers. Utility adjustments will take place in the newly paved alleys in March.  The adjustments should take one day to complete, and the alleys will remain open.

Pilot Recycling Program

The city has recently identified two alleys to use as a pilot for the program. One alley has 100 percent city accounts trash and recycling accounts, and the other has public and private service providers. Council members and city staff will soon begin reaching out to businesses and property owners in those alleys.

The recycling program may look different in each alley based on the service providers that pick-up trash and recycling. The city has had initial discussions with Waste Management and Republic Services, who have both indicated they are interested in participating in the program.

How You Can Help Now

Did you know?

  1. Moving your recyclables out of the trash and into a recycling bin has the potential to reduce your solid waste bill.
  2. Breaking down cardboard and recycling it makes more space in your trash containers, resulting in less clutter in the alleys.
  3. All garbage belongs in the trash bin, not in the alleyways. Trash not placed in a container attracts animals and makes alleyways unsanitary.

We Want to Hear from You

Please take the time to fill out the recycling questionnaire to help determine what factors would make the program most successful.

This program will only work with your participation. If you have ideas about how to make recycling in Old Town alley successful or would like to be involved in the program, please send us an email and let us know.

Contact Information

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Jackie Contaldo
Old Town Marketing Manager