Resident Questionnaire

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What do you believe Scottsdale should do with the majority of its trash?
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: My household could do more to recycle.
Should the city establish a large-scale composting facility within Scottsdale, possibly at a facility near your neighborhood?
How much of an increase would you be willing to pay on your monthly residential utility bill to support programs that would increase recycling throughout Scottsdale?
What segment of our community should the city focus its efforts on in order to increase the percentage of waste recycled in Scottsdale? (You may select more than one answer.)
Would you support a one-time bill credit for businesses who implement recycling programs?
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement: The city should adopt a law requiring residents and businesses to recycle, with associated enforcement and fines for those who don't.
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Residential Rates

Residential Containers

Container Size Monthly Collection Fee Recycling
20 Gallons * $25.92 ** No additional charge
90 Gallons $25.92 ** No additional charge
Additional Garbage Container $13.17 N/A
Additional Recycling Container No additional charge No additional charge
* 20 Gallon containers only applies for hand collection routes only
** Total fee is $25.96 after applying a $0.04 fee paid to the State of Arizona per Section 49.836
New/Additional/Replacement Trash or Recycling Container Fee is $108.00
Fee will be added to the next billing cycle