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On May 17, 2016 the Scottsdale City Council approved changes to the rates for commercial trash services, the rates for commercial recycling services remained unchanged.  The new rates went into effect on August 1, 2016. If you need assistance determining your rate, please contact the Solid Waste Commercial Division.

Frequently Asked Questions

A recent cost of service study showed we are under recovering the full cost of service for the different collection services we offer our commercial customers. In other words, it costs more for us to provide the service than we are currently charging.

An outside consultant was hired to review our business practices, costs and types of services we provide to our customers. They determined the current cost for every collection service we provide. The new commercial rates are a direct result of the cost for roll off, front load and

The rate increase will vary for each customer based on the types of service they utilize. Please see the rate chart to determine the impact to your service for Fiscal Year 2016/17. The impact of the rate increase will be spread over two years. The rate table shows the new rates effective for all commercial customers beginning August 1, 2016, and a second increase will potentially follow in July 2017.

If you are a current commercial customer you will receive official notification of what your new rate will be. If you would like a quote based on the proposed rate changes, please contact the Solid Waste Commercial Division and we will help you determine how the changes will affect you.

An initial presentation was made to the City Council on the results of the rate study in February 2016. The City Council approved the new rate structure at their May 17, 2016 City Council meeting as part of the annual budget process.

The rate increase will impact all commercial customers beginning August 1, 2016.

The last increase for our commercial and residential customers was in July 2009 which was a 2 percent increase.

Both residential and commercial rates were evaluated, but the cost of service study came up with a different result for our residential services. It showed that we are collecting the full cost of providing service to residential customers and that a rate increase is not needed at this time.

We currently service 1,440 commercial front load customers. We also provide recycling services to over 450 commercial customers and roll-off services to 236 customers.

There will be no change in services we provide to front load, roll-off, and commercial recycling customers and none of the services will be eliminated.

Yes, the rate increase will impact all commercial customers beginning August 1, 2016. Any customer with a contract will be able to accept the new pricing or cancel service with a 30 day notice.

Any solid waste customer can cancel their service with a 60 day notification.

The City of Scottsdale hired NewGen Strategies & Solutions, LLC to perform a study of all rates within the Solid Waste Division. NewGen is a management consulting firm with expertise in all aspects of financial forecasting and the cost of services for solid waste, water, waste water, gas and electric utilities.

Contact the Solid Waste Commercial Services directly at 480-312-5610 or

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Commercial Rates

Front Load Commercial Containers

Container Size Monthly Collection Fee Recycling
2 yard $82.50 $65.02
3 yard $88.75 $68.34
4 yard $95.25 $77.66
5 yard $101.25 NA
6 yard $107.50 $78.30
8 yard $116.75 $84.95
Additional TRASH containers of two or more will be discounted at a flat 10%; discount applied to the least expensive container/pull combined bill.

Roll-Off Commercial Containers

Container Size Trash per collection Recycling
20,30,40 yard $468.38 NA
Compactor Surcharge $50.00 Per Pull NA
Any additional costs incurred by the city for the disposal of Trash containers with loads of more than three (3) tons shall be an additional charge of $42.79 per ton to the commercial roll-off customer.

Plastic Commercial Containers

Container Size Trash per collection Recycling
90 Gallon NA $9.15
300 Gallon NA $29.90

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