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Understanding Scottsdale’s Recreational Marijuana Ordinance

With November’s passage of Proposition 207, recreational marijuana is legal to use in Arizona. The City of Scottsdale adopted a recreational marijuana ordinance (No. 4484) on Nov. 30 while statewide regulations are still being developed. 

Violations of this ordinance may result in penalties ranging from Class 1 misdemeanors to civil offenses.   

Here are some examples of situations or locations where marijuana use is prohibited in the City of Scottsdale: 

  • Smoking, possessing and consuming on any publicly owned or controlled property including state and school district property and city parks and areas such as the Preserve. 
  • Smoking in all public places as defined under the Smoke-Free-Arizona Act. Such locations include airports, banks, bars, common areas of apartment buildings, condominiums or other multifamily housing facilities, educational facilities, entertainment facilities or venues, health care facilities, hotel and motel common areas, laundromats, public transportation facilities, reception areas, restaurants, retail food production and marketing establishments, retail service establishments, retail stores, shopping malls, sports facilities, theaters, and waiting rooms. 
  • Smoking or consuming marijuana while either a driver, passenger or rider in a motor vehicle, boat, aircraft, other vehicle or any form of conveyance (such as an electric scooter, pedal bus, etc.). 
  • Smoking of marijuana in open spaces within the city such as a public park, public sidewalk, public walkway or public pedestrian thoroughfare. The possession and consumption of marijuana also is prohibited on all publicly-owned property. 

Except as allowed by law for personal use and as otherwise provided in Scottsdale Ordinance 4484, the City of Scottsdale prohibits the retail sale, cultivation, storage, processing, testing, and manufacturing of marijuana and marijuana products in the city. 

Per the limitations set in place by Proposition 207, only authorized medical marijuana dispensaries can sell recreational marijuana in a commercial setting, provided they apply for and receive a dual license. Delivery of marijuana to consumers within the city is prohibited except by a dual-licensee or nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary. 

Violating Scottsdale’s ordinance could result in a class one misdemeanors, a class two misdemeanor, a petty offense or a civil offense depending on the specific violation. 

Review the City of Scottsdale recreational marijuana ordinance (No. 4484) (pdf).

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