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Scottsdale gym cited for not complying with Governor's executive order

Today at approximately 9:45am Scottsdale Patrol officers responded to the Mountainside Fitness location reference multiple reports of the gym being open. The officers found that the gym was open despite the Governor’s current order. The officers provided education to club management in an effort to gain compliance. This has been the practice of the Scottsdale Police Department throughout the COVID-19 crisis when dealing with noncompliance of Executive Orders and Proclamations. Gym management advised that they were going to remain open. At which point they were advised that officers would be returning later in the day to check on compliance. Officers returned at 2:25pm and found that the facility was still open. Mario Arce, the Gym’s Chief Operating Officer, was then cited for a class one misdemeanor in violation of A.R.S. Section 26-317.

Several other Scottsdale gyms are under investigation and may also be charged with similar violations.

Scottsdale Police Department Report Number 20-11167

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