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Hiking season is here

Hiking Season is Here

The cool temps are back, and we are hitting the trails. But as you set off to enjoy one of Scottsdale’s many trails there are predators lurking. Not of the wild animal type, but opportunistic thieves looking to break into your car.

hiking-season-carEvery year our officers respond to reports of hikers who had their great day on the trail ruined by a thief. We also see that many of these incidents possibly could have been prevented by taking a few simple steps. So, we would like to offer a few suggestions to help keep you from becoming a victim this hiking season.     

  • Leave your valuables at home or lock them out of view in your trunk
  • Roll up your windows and close your sunroof
  • Lock your car doors and take the keys with you
  • Report suspicious behavior to the Scottsdale Police Department by dialing 911 for emergency response or the non-emergency number 480-312-5000

As always, we would also like to remind you to let someone know where you will be, carry water with you, and dress for the conditions. Be safe and venture out.



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