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Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses During the Corona virus Situation

As business owners contemplate having employees work from home or closing in the short term due to COVID-19 precautions, we would like to share some crime prevention tips.


  • Confirm that the alarm is functioning and set.
  • Check that the alarm company has contact information.

Security Cameras

  • Ensure that cameras are capturing areas of concern.
  • If possible, can they be motion activated and accessed remotely?


  • Replace non-functioning bulbs.
  • Ensure dark areas are addressed.
  • Again, consider motion activation.

High Value Items

  • Remove items from visibility.
  • Consider further securing them inside the business.
  • Consider window coverings that limit visibility to the inside of the business.

Business Closed Signs

  • Consider if you want to indicate that the business is closed. If you do, think about adding a "no cash kept on premise" sign and if you have surveillance, add "24-hour Surveillance".


  • Will someone be designated to check on the business? If so, do they have all the pertinent contact information?
  • Consider private security for prolonged closures.


  • Ensure plants are trimmed and do not provide areas of concealment.
  • Remove objects like rocks from near the building that could be used to break windows and make entry.

Good Neighbor

  • Watch out for the neighboring businesses.
  • Share your plans and confirm their plan.


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