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Comment on proposed ordinance related to camping locations

On May 4, 2021, the Scottsdale City Council will consider adopting Ordinance #4495 which will prohibit persons from camping in areas subject to flooding or within a watercourse.

Some areas including watercourses within the city of Scottsdale are subject to regular and/or seasonal flooding including in some cases flash flooding. Remaining or being present in such areas under flooding conditions is dangerous and can be life threatening.

The purpose of the ordinance is to protect the life and safety of persons who could be endangered by flooding including flash flooding by choosing to camp in areas subject to flooding or within a watercourse. The city has seen an uptake in persons camping in areas subject to flooding or in watercourses and believes that this ordinance is necessary to protect their safety.

Under Ordinance #4495, before being cited or arrested for a violation of the ordinances, violators will be given a reasonable opportunity to relocate to an area not subject to flooding or within a watercourse.

Review the draft ordinance (pdf).

If you have any comments on the proposed ordinance, please email:  pio@ScottsdaleAZ.gov




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