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Bike share companies in Scottsdale

Several dockless bike share companies have started operating in the city of Scottsdale - here is some information about these new services.


Dockless bike share providers are expanding to cities, towns, corporate campuses and universities across the country. Thanks to innovative technology (primarily GPS locators and electronic self-locking mechanisms), dockless bike sharing does not require bike racks, or “docks” where the bikes are parked. Without this need for infrastructure or land for docking stations, these services require no public investment to operate. 

Bike share companies are privately owned and operated and are not affiliated with the city. If you have a concern about a bike's location, it's best to contact the appropriate company directly.  Below is contact information for the four companies currently operating in Scottsdale, or they may also be contacted through their associated smartphone apps:


LimeBike (Green and Yellow)
support@limebike.comlinks to external site
Call or text: 888-546-3345links to external site


Spin (Orange)
Call: 888-262-5189links to external site
www.spin.pm links to external site (instant messaging available)


Ofo (Yellow)

Call: 844-289-9747
support@ofobike.comlinks to external site


GR:D (all green)
info@gridbikes.comlinks to external site
Call: 602-753-4743links to external site
(SoBi app)


For more information, please see our information sheet (PDF) with frequently asked questions. The city welcomes all feedback from the community.   



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