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Active Shooter Training with SMIL Medical Imaging

On May 22, 2019 the Scottsdale Police Department partnered with SMIL Medical Imaging to conduct a “Crime in Progress” reality-based training exercise.  Members of the SPD SWAT team, SWAT medics, K-9 Unit and approximately 85 SMIL employees participated in multiple “active shooter” drills at a Scottsdale SMIL location.

Training-SMIL-Active-Shooter-2The training scenarios consisted of SMIL employees learning how to react and work though an “active shooter” situation.  Employees were educated on the Department of Homeland Security principles of “Run, Hide, Fight!”.


Training-SMIL-Active-Shooter-4They also learned how to help injured individuals, listen and obey commands from first responders and provide valuable suspect information to the police.




Considering the tragic events that have occurred across the nation, we understand that an effective, collaborative response to incidents such as mass shootings and workplace violence is critical to the preservation of life.  We would like to thank all the participants and especially those who spent many hours organizing this training scenario.


Training-SMIL-Active-Shooter-2  Training-SMIL-Active-Shooter-3   

For further information on the planning and execution of this training, please contact:

Scottsdale Police Department

Sergeant Ben Hoster​
Scottsdale Police PIO

SMIL Medical Imaging

John Morgan Freeman
Director of Marketing, SMIL




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