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10 Tips when attending the Waste Management Phoenix Open

Scottsdale Police and Fire departments suggest the following 10 tips for a fun and safe time at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. 

  1. See something? Say something! Report any crime or questionable activity right away.
  2. People who attend the tournament should hydrate prior to and during the event, wear sunscreen, and wear weather appropriate clothing (hats, sunglasses and walking shoes). 
  3. Be mindful of where you’re carrying your valuables (wallet, money, purse, and cell phone). Remember to lock your car and do not leave purses and other valuables in plain sight. 
  4. The golf course has uneven, unpadded surfaces.  Please wear appropriate footwear. 
  5. Use a sober driver or take a Lyft, Uber or cab. 
  6. Pay attention to your surroundings. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the area and the exits. 
  7. Be aware of the first aid station locations  (16th Hole and TPC Clubhouse).
  8. Charge your phone. Memorize or write down important numbers in case your phone dies.
  9. Study the traffic route you will be taking to get to your event. Remember where you parked (take a picture of the parking location/sign). Gas up your vehicle beforehand.
  10. Be courteous to others, use golf etiquette, be patient, and have a great time in Scottsdale.


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