Commercial Carport Submittal Requirements

  1. All carports must have been approved through the Development Review Board or Staff Approval process prior to submitting for Final Plans Approval. Attach copy of Staff Approval letter to site plans.

  2. Carports located between building frontage line and any street will require Development Review Board Approval.

  3. Carports located adjacent to any residential zoned district will require Development Review Board approval.

  4. Carport location, design, color and materials shall comply with stipulations of the Development Review Board or Staff Approval case.

  5. The following carport notes must be included on the site plan:

    1. Color and materials shall match the building.

    2. Carports will be a minimum of 10' away from any structure.

    3. Carports shall have a minimum of a 24' drive aisle.

    4. Fascia will be a minimum of 4".

    5. Roofdeck will be a pre-finished non-reflective color.

    6. Carports may not be any closer than 3' to the property line.

    7. All lighting must be shielded, directed downward and recessed.

  6. The following must be called out on the site plan and elevation sheets:

    1. Distances between carport(s) and buildings at closest point.

    2. Width of drive aisle between carports and between carports and uncovered spaces

    3. Facia width

    4. Distance between carport(s) and property line at closest point.

    5. Location of lighting on underside of deck

    6. Description of material and color names to be used.

    7. Deck Finish

  7. Site Plans must include graphic scale.

  8. Site Plans shall include DR or SA number in title block area.

  9. All changes or revisions must be clouded, delta and noted. They also must be dated in title block in revisions section.

  10. No highlighting or colored pen should be on site plans or elevations unless requested by final plans/ plan reviewer.

  11. Previous approval stamps or other notations should not be on site plans or elevations (unless standard plan is used for elevations). All previous approvals, narratives, letters or notes may be attached as additional sheets for reference.

  12. All data and drawings must be clear and concise with data/notes/numbers clearly visible and readable.

  13. Include lighting fixture details and cut-off sheets for any proposed lighting.