Sewer Tap Installations

Plan, submittal, approval, permit, and fee requirements

The information provided below is for informational purposes only and is subject to change.   

Plan preparation and submittal

Plan preparation shall consist of two, 24" X 36" site plans based on criteria from the City of Scottsdale Design Standards and Policy Manual including the General Notes for Public Construction (Figure 1.1-13). This plan does not require a Civil Engineers or Architects "seal" and may be prepared by a "designer". Customers are encouraged to use a professional, as they are typically familiar with plan preparation and the submittal process. Plan preparation shall describe and include:

  1. The invert elevation of proposed sewer tap at the property line.
  2. The proposed location of the sewer tap dimensioned to the property line.
  3. The amount of sewer line constructed in the Right-of-Way (ROW) in linear feet.
  4. The amount of asphalt, curb, gutter, concrete apron, and sidewalk removal / replacement in the ROW to install the line in square feet / yards.
  5. Utility crossings.
  6. Building envelope square footage, dedicated Natural Area Open Space (NAOS) square footage, and total lot square footage. This section is not applicable for most properties currently receiving sewer service.
  7. Abandonment of onsite sewer systems (septic tanks) per County Health Department requirements when applicable.

"Offsite Sewer Tap" plans shall be submitted for review to the One Stop Shop upon payment of the plan review fees (miscellaneous civil review).  

Review, Approval, Permitting, and Development Fees

Plans will be reviewed by the Plan Review Division and either approved or returned to the applicant for corrections.

Upon plan approval, the applicant and or applicant's representative / contractor, must apply for, and receive an Right-of-way Permit prior to commencing any construction within the ROW. Fees are based on the quantities described in items "c" and "d" above including the minimum fee. 

For properties or applicants requesting new sewer service to an undeveloped property, or, conversion from on-site sewer systems (septic tanks) to public sewer, payment of "Sewer Development Fees" is required. Development fees are based on meter size. To determine Sewer Development fees, please refer to the current Development Fees.

Staff contacts:

Eliana Hayes, Development Engineering Manager
P: 480-312-2757