Water Line & Fire Line Extensions

City Submittal Requirements

  • Three (3) set of blue lines sealed by an Arizona licensed engineer
  • Flow test permit is required (see below)

Flow test are required for water main extensions.

  1. Prior to testing the water system, applicant must obtain a ROW permit (base fee) from One Stop Shop. Flow test form(PDF) must have location of hydrants specified.
  2. Permit holder is required to contact Inspection Services 24hrs prior to conducting flow test. Permit holder shall provide location of hydrants with QS# and permit number. Inspector will check hydrants after test to assure no damage to hydrant's or surrounding landscape.
    Inspection Services will close out permit with "NO" acceptance letter required. If damage occurs, the permit holder is responsible to repair hydrant or washed out areas.
  3. When a design report is submitted for review with flow test document, the reviewer will verify that a permit has been obtained prior to test results being accepted. If flow test was conducted without permit, the document shall be rejected until fees have been collected for permit and hydrants have been checked by Inspection Services.