Extension Participation Program

The expansion of the City of Scottsdale's sewer collection system facilitates the protection and improvement of groundwater quality and allows us to capture a valuable water resource for reuse in the desert environment. The expansion of the sewer collection system supports our mission to be good stewards of all water resources.  

The City Code requires property owners to extend public water/sewer lines to their property as a condition of receiving service. Historically, these property owners were responsible for the applicable costs to extend public water/sewer lines across their neighbors' frontages and could seek compensation through payback agreements.

On October 2, 2007, City Council approved amendments to Chapter 49 of the City of Scottsdale Municipal Code and Ordinances. The purpose of the Extension Participation Program is to compensate single family property owners for the cost of extending public water and sewer lines that serve their parcel. The reimbursement represents the cost of extending the water or sewer line across adjacent parcel frontages needed to reach the property that requires the extension. Each property owner will only be responsible for their equitable share of the cost to extend the public water or sewer lines across their own parcel frontage. Subdivisions, multi-family residences, and commercial properties are not eligible for extension participation from the City of Scottsdale.


To get more information on the program:
Extension participation program information  (PDF)

To download an application:
Extension participation application - sewer  (PDF)