Self-Guided Open House: Open Space

Thank you for taking time to review a City Council Initiative: The Old Town Plan and Zoning Ordinance Update. The video presentation and subsequent questions provided below will enable you – as participant – to provide input that will inform updates to the plan and downtown ordinances.

Please review the video presentation before continuing to the questions to provide your input on the topics discussed.

When prompted by the video presentation, please complete the questions listed below. When you complete a set of questions specific to a topic, scroll back up to the video to watch the next session of the video presentation. Please repeat this until you have completed both the video presentation and the polling questions. Once you have provided your input, please complete the registration information at the bottom of this page before submitting. Please only complete this session once.

Contact Information


Adam Yaron
Principal Planner, Long Range Planning
P: 480-312-2761

Brad Carr, AICP
Planning Area Manager, Current Planning
P: 480-312-7713