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How do I request a Building Inspection?

The preferred method to request an inspection is online. Instructions for requesting an inspection. 

I have misplaced my orange Inspection Record how do I get a replacement?

You will need to visit One Stop Shop at 7447 E Indian School Rd and meet with a representative to obtain a replacement.


Do I need a permit to put up a fence?

Fences three feet or less in height do not require a permit.  Keep in mind that the construction must not violate any codes or ordinance of the City of Scottsdale. If the fence is acting as a retaining wall, then plans, permits and inspections are required, regardless of height. Fences over three feet require a permit. In order to obtain a permit a site plan must be submitted for review, showing location and required setbacks. Once approved, a permit may be purchased, and inspections are required to ensure work is proceeding in accordance with the approved site plan.  Fences over six feet require a structural plan to be submitted for a plan check, a plot plan showing location and required setbacks, a permit purchased and inspections requested. Fences over six feet must be designed by an engineer as a structural wall. Detail Drawing Examples

Do I need a permit if I am going to just replace an existing fence?

Replacing a three-foot fence with a new three foot fence has the same requirements as installing a new three foot fence. Replacing a fence higher than three feet requires a permit and inspections. If you are only repairing an existing fence, this is considered general maintenance and no permit is required.

What does the inspector look for when inspecting the fence?

The building inspector will need to see the city approved plot plan to determine setbacks and construction details. Property pins must be located so the inspector can determine the there is no encroachment onto another property, a right-of-way or easement. The footing inspect is requested after the footings are dug and the steel is installed, but before the concrete is poured. The inspector must determine if the footing is installed per the city approved plan (width, depth, steel). Once the footing is approved, the only other inspection needed is the final inspection. The inspector must determine that the fence is not higher than allowed by the approved plans or by city ordinance.

Pools and Pool Barriers

We have no children. Are we required to install a barrier per city ordinance?

Yes, the International Building Code, as amended and adopted by the city of Scottsdale in the Scottsdale Revised City Code Section 31- 68, Section AG 104 does not mention any age limits for compliance. Anyone installing a pool must comply with the barrier ordinance.

We want to sell our home. The pool was installed 20 years ago. Are we required to bring the barrier up to present day codes?

Some cities have ordinances that require all pools, regardless of age, to meet present day barrier requirements before the house can be listed for sale. Scottsdale has no such requirement at this time. Scottsdale has had a pool barrier ordinance of some kind for many years, whatever barrier requirements were in force when the pool was built is still in force today.

The plaster on our pool is flaking off and needs to be redone. Are we required to get a permit and, if so, are we required to comply with the pool barrier ordinance of today's code?

Re-plastering is general maintenance and requires no permits or inspections. The barrier ordinance under which the pool was constructed is still in effect.

We have a dog door which enters the area where the new pool will be located. Is this allowed?

No, unless the opening in the dog door is 4 inches or less in any direction it is allowed. The intent of a pool barrier is to prevent children from having unsupervised access to a pool.

Dust Control

Does the city have dust control?

Yes, Scottsdale Revised City Code Section 31-32, Section 3303.8 Dust, debris and excavation. The Air Quality Compliance Division of Maricopa Countylinks to external site has responsibility for enforcement.

Temporary Power

I have a construction project and I'd like to get my electric meter set for construction purposes. What do I need to do?

You may apply for temporary power in a permanent position. Before you will receive approval from the Building Inspector, a refundable deposit must first be paid. Deposits can be made at the One Stop Shop permit counter at 7447 E. Indian School Road, Suite 100.
For both residential and commercial projects, the deposit is equal to the amount of the entire building permit or $2,500, whichever is greater. Once the deposit has been paid, a 024-Temp Electric inspection must be requested. The building inspector will perform an inspection of the electric service and all associated parts. A lockout/tagout letter will be required from the responsible party to ensure all trades working on the job are aware the power is on. If approved, the inspector will put a white electrical clearance sticker on the panel and clear the electric with the appropriate power company. If the inspector rejects the inspection, a list of corrections will be provided explaining what must be done to pass the inspection. Once the corrections have been made, another inspection must be requested.

Is temporary power in a permanent position my only alternative for construction power?

No. A temporary power pole can be installed on site. This requires a separate temporary power pole permit, which is a minimum fee electrical permit. Permits can be purchased at the One Stop Shop counter at 7447 E. Indian School.

How long is my Temporary power in a permanent position good for?

365 days. It may be extended by the Building Official for worthy cause. The request for extension must be in writing.

What happens if my temporary power expires?

Inspection Services will notify the appropriate Power Company and request that the meter removed or locked out.

I've had a fire in my house and the fire department turned my power off. What do I need to do to get it turned back on?

  1. Go to One Stop Shop permit counter at 7447 E. Indian School Road, Suite 100 to purchase a minimum fee electrical permit for electrical power reconnect.
  2. Make necessary repairs.
  3. Schedule an inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to determine if it is safe for power to be turned back on.
  4. Once repairs are completed the utility company will authorize turn on.

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

Is there any way to get into my new home before the final inspection?

  • If the applicant provides justifiable cause, the building official may issue a temporary certificate of occupancy for a single-family dwelling if the applicant agrees to the following conditions.
  • If the building official finds no substantial hazard will result from occupancy of any nonresidential building or structure, or portion thereof, before it is completed, a temporary certificate of occupancy may be issued if the applicant agrees to the following conditions:
    1. The applicant shall diligently pursue and complete the required work before the temporary certificate of occupancy expires and request a final inspection.
    2. The temporary certificate of occupancy will expire at the time stated in the certificate, not to exceed 90 days for single family residence and 180 days for commercial buildings, and power will be de-energized. Upon expiration of the temporary certificate of occupancy, the building or structure shall be immediately vacated.
    3. Neither the city nor the utility company is liable for any damages or delays if power is de-energized.
    4. A cash deposit is required for each temporary certificate of occupancy. The amount of the deposit is the total of all permit fees for the project (including foundation, building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permit fees), or twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500.00), whichever is greater. If the building or structure is occupied without a valid certificate of occupancy, the deposit is forfeited to the city. Otherwise, within 30 days of the issuance of the final certificate of occupancy, the deposit, less $200.00 administrative fee, will be refunded to the owner.

Extending a Building Permit

How long is my building permit good for?

If work has not commenced within 180 days of the issuance of the permit, or if the building or work authorized by such permit is suspended or abandoned at any time after the work has commenced for a period of 180 days, the permit shall become null and void.

Can I get my permit extended?

You may request that the permit be extended from the. Building Official. The request must be in writing. The request must state justifiable cause for extending the permit.
Residential construction cannot be broken up. Commercial construction can be broken into grading/drainage, foundation, shell, TI. Breaking up the submittal will have an additional cost of 25% versus one submittal.

City of Scottsdale Fire Department

I need to get the fire department out for an inspection. How do I do that?

Call the Fire Department at 480-312-1855 a request an inspection. The Fire Inspector assigned to your area will respond to either request.

The building inspector turned down my frame inspection because I had not had a fire inspection completed. Why?

The fire inspection is required to take place, and be approved, prior to the building inspection. The corrections the Fire Inspector wants could mean sawing or drilling or cutting into the structure. The Building Inspector will want to verify that the structural integrity is maintained after the correction is made.

The building inspector turned down the final inspection because I had not had the fire inspection completed. Why?

Essentially the same reasons as the frame inspection. The Building Inspector will want to see that any corrections required by the Fire Inspector has not impaired the structure in any way and that the building is ready for occupancy.

Arizona Registrar of Contractors

When should I contact the Arizona Registrar of Contractors?links to external site

To verify if a contractor has or needs a license for the work you would like completed at your property.
You have an issue with work performed on your property and the contractor and or builder has not fixed the issue after you have requested a resolution.