Community Survey Highlights

Highlights from Scottsdale’s Citizen Survey

Scottsdale residents value their quality of life and give high marks to the local economy, according to the National Citizen Survey conducted in November and December 2013.

Some noteworthy excerpts from the 105-page survey report are highlighted below.

Scottsdale residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life.

Almost all residents rated their overall quality of life as “excellent” or “good” and 96 percent of residents would be “very” or “somewhat” likely to recommend Scottsdale as a place to live to someone who asks while 94 percent of respondents would be “very” or “somewhat” likely to remain in Scottsdale. These ratings are higher than seen in communities across the nation. Scottsdale’s overall appearance and overall image along with the city as a place to live, retire and raise children received high ratings by at least 9 in 10 residents.

Recreation and wellness received high ratings.

Recreation and wellness was identified as one of the facets most important to residents’ quality of life. Nearly all survey respondents felt all aspects of recreation and wellness were “excellent” or “good” receiving ratings that were higher than reported in communities in the U.S.

The economy is a feature that makes Scottsdale a livable community.

The economy was identified as one of the facets most important to residents’ quality of life. Overall, Scottsdale received favorable ratings higher than the benchmarks for aspects in this facet including the overall economic health of Scottsdale, shopping opportunities, employment opportunities and business and services in Scottsdale.

Some comparisons and contrasts.

Several areas were rated much higher than other benchmark communities, including:

• Scottsdale as a place to retire;
• paths and walking trails;
• open space
• shopping opportunities;
• employment opportunities;
• Scottsdale as a place to visit;
• a vibrant downtown/commercial area;
• a place to work, and
• cultural, arts and music activities.

In addition, some areas had significant improvement from the last survey conducted in 2010, including:

• Emergency preparedness
• Ease of walking
• Travel by public transportation
• Land use, planning and zoning
• Employment opportunities
• Economic development
• Economy will have a positive impact on income

A list of the highest and lowest ratings are provided below:

Highest ratings were given to the following: % positive Trend Benchmark
Purchased goods or services in Scottsdale 100% *
Overall quality of life  98%
Place to live  98%
Fire/Ambulance/EMS Services 97%
Safe in neighborhood  97%
Safe downtown/commercial area  97%
Recommend Scottsdale 96%
Overall appearance  96%
Shopping opportunities  96% ↑↑
Open space 95% * ↑↑
City parks 95%
Lowest ratings were given to the following: % positive Trend Benchmark
Contacted Scottsdale elected officials 11% *
Attended a local public meeting 15%
Used public transportation instead of driving 18% *
Stocked supplies for an emergency 18% *
Watched a local public meeting 20%
Campaigned for an issue, cause or candidate 21% *
Participated in a club 31%
Economy will have positive impact on income 34%
Services provided by the federal government 34%
Volunteered 37%
Contacted Scottsdale employees 39%


↑↑ Much higher
↓↓ Much lower
* New question

The report provides the opinions of a representative sample selected from 1,200 Scottsdale residents. The margin of error around any reported percentage is 6% for the entire sample of 248 completed surveys. Also included as a supplement are the results from an online opt-in survey conducted in January 2014 that received 235 responses. 

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