Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for maintaining the integrity of evidence and chain of custody for all property that comes into our possession in accordance with state laws, city ordinances and departmental policies and procedures.

Claiming Property

Property is released by appointment only.

Property may be picked up at Scottsdale Police Forensic and Property building at 7601 E McKellips Rd, Building B, Scottsdale, AZ 85257 . To find out the status of your property, please call 480-312-5888.

Claiming Property on Behalf of Others

In the event you are unable to come in person, a representative may be sent provided they have an original notarized letter from you authorizing them to pick up property on your behalf OR an original notarized power of attorney naming them as the authorized person for pick up. No other forms of ownership can be accepted. Documents must be originals; no photo copies are accepted. Notary stamp must be current.

Evidence Property

For property listed as evidence, contact the current case officer. Property and Evidence is unable to return any items listed as evidence without case officer authorization.


Firearms are released according to the Gun Control Act 18 USC 922 (g)links to external site and Arizona Revised Statute 13-3101links to external site. For firearms that are releasable, the listed owner must pass a mandatory law enforcement background check. Once the background check is successfully passed, the owner will be contacted to schedule an appointment to pick up the firearm. To inquire about your impounded firearm, call 480-312-5888.

For background checks that received a “Deny” or are experiencing an extended delay from the FBI NICS Program, you can appeal following these steps:

  1. Obtain your NICS Transaction Number (NTN) by calling SPD Property Staff at 480-312-5888.
  2. Go to the FBI NICS website and follow the instructions to appeal.

Towed and Impounded Vehicles

For Towed and Impounded Vehicles, please visit the Vehicle Impound Unit page or call 480-312-5314.

For information about vehicles that are impounded as evidence, please call us at 480-312-5888.

Lost and Unclaimed Property (Lost and Found)

For a list of items that are lost, unclaimed or found in the possession of the Scottsdale Police Department, please visit the Scottsdale Public Notice page.

Property Auctions/Surplus

For Public Property Auction Surplus, visit the City of Scottsdale Purchasing Department page for information. Look for the “City of Scottsdale Material Online Auctions”.

Contact Information

Property and Evidence Unit
7601 E McKellips Rd, Building B
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
P: 480-312-5888

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. - Mon., Thur., Fri.
Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Weekends and Holidays.