Choose Tap

Why choose tap over bottled water?

Scottsdale Water is committed to providing the highest quality water and service to our customers. We perform hundreds of tests on a regular basis to ensure the water you are drinking meets or surpasses the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. We work closely with the EPA, state and county officials to make certain all drinking water standards are met every time you open a tap at your home or business.


young girl drinking tap water out of a water bottle


A 25-ounce bottle can be refilled 1,200 times for just $1.


Your recommended 8 glasses of water a day cost 80 cents a year from Scottsdale Water.


$1.65 = 1 bottled water or 1,000 gallons of Scottsdale Water

Safe and Pure


Scottsdale Water performs over 17,500 tests on drinking water samples annually. That’s in addition to 24/7 automated testing.

1 Quadrillion

Our lab is so advanced it can test for most substances down to the part per quadrillion.


Scottsdale Water is tested for over 150 substances every day!

4 children filling up water bottles from the scottsdale water truck


two young ladies filling up water bottles from the scottsdale water truck


On average, only one in five plastic water bottles are recycled.


80 percent end up in landfills and waterways


Scottsdale’s drinking water comes from renewable surface water supplies ensuring Scottsdale’s long-term water sustainability.

Where can I fill my bottle?

There are water fountains throughout Scottsdale just waiting to deliver cold tap water to your refillable water bottle. AND coming to an event near you!