Aviation Noise Roles and Responsibilities

Scottsdale Airport is one element of a national air transportation system and plays a vital link in the regional general aviation systemlinks to external site and strives to be a leader in noise abatement efforts. Many different organizations share the responsibility for elements of a noise abatement program and airport operators are just one of these responsible parties. The various participants in the aircraft noise abatement issues and their roles are as follows:

The Federal Government

The national air transportation exists today primarily through Federal legislation and every facet is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. The FAA exercises control of aircraft noise through noise emission standards, air traffic control, pilot and flight regulations and noise compatibility studies.  More information is available on the FAA websitelinks to external site

FAA Announces the Establishment of their Aircraft Noise Portal

On November 2, 2017, the FAA announced it is seeking public comment on its intent to establish the “FAA Noise Portal,” which is an online aircraft noise complaint and inquiry system that will allow the agency to more effectively address noise complaints and inquiries. The public has until Jan. 2, 2018, to submit comments on the proposed portal. Currently, the FAA receives noise complaints/inquiries in several different formats sent to many different individuals in the agency. The portal will include required and optional fields for the public to complete. The information submitted will be automatically sent to the FAA Regional Administrator’s Office or Noise Ombudsman, who then will direct it to the appropriate FAA office for response to the complaint. For additional information, contact Barbara Hall or by phone at 940-594-5913.

State of Arizona

State regulation of aircraft in flight is preempted by federal law, however, state regulations do affect disclosure of aircraft flight paths and noise. Arizona Revised Statute 28-8486 Public Airport Disclosure requires the recording of public airport disclosure maps. The maps provide information to prospective homebuyers as well as current homeowners. Additionally, the Arizona Department of Transportationlinks to external site regulates other aspects of aviation, but not aircraft in flight.

Airport/Local Government

The city of Scottsdale is responsible for promoting noise abatement procedures and ensuring compatible land development through zoning and stipulations within the Airport Influence Area. Airports have no authority to govern aircraft operators while in the air, but are the local point of contact for noise complaints.

Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers

Aircraft manufacturers are charged with building aircraft that are safe and comply with Federal noise regulations. Newer engines are quieter and more efficient, and significant debate exists about the issue of requiring retrofitting of older jet aircraft with new, quieter engines.


Aircraft operators are responsible for operating their aircraft safely, while in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations governing flight and Air Traffic Control instructionslinks to external site. The national and local pilot associations actively encourage their members to exercise noise abatement procedures whenever possible.


Current and prospective residents in areas surrounding or near airports should seek to understand the aircraft noise and steps that can be taken to minimize its effects. Prospective home buyers should research the location of airports, flight paths and determine if aircraft noise affects their quality of life. The city of Scottsdale works with developers, residents and realtors regarding noise disclosure to ensure homebuyers are informed about aircraft noise and flight paths and can make an informed decision before purchasing a home.

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