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The class list for the Fall 2024 session will be coming out later in 2024.

Thank you to the over 550 who participated in the Spring 2024 Neighborhood College classes that were offered both virtual and in-person.

In Scottsdale, the success of our community is defined by how we as individuals address and respond to neighborhood issues and challenges. Believing that one person can make a difference, the city of Scottsdale developed the Neighborhood College to provide residents, neighborhood groups and homeowners associations with the information, resources and tools needed to become effective neighborhood leaders.

Professional, volunteer instructors invite you to participate in classes regarding city programs, volunteer opportunities, personal safety tips and HOA guidelines. Classes are offered at no cost but registration is required.

Classes for Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Directors and Residents

Our oldest series of classes are now in their 24th year. These classes are for those serving on the board, interested in serving on the board or those new to living in an HOA are welcome to attend.

Scottsdale 360

Scottsdale 360 is a virtual learning series about the people, policies and programs that shape our community.

Good Neighbor Series

Classes that benefit all Scottsdale residents. No products or services are sold as part of these classes.

The Stories of Scottsdale History Series

Our most popular classes! Please register early!


Neighborhood College Video Series

HOA Series

Responsibilities of an HOA Board Member

Learn the responsibilities of an HOA board member, how the working parts of an HOA or Condominium Association come together and how the smallest decisions can have unintended consequences.
Recorded Fall 2016.

Enforcing Your HOA's CC&Rs

A discussion on the ins and outs of HOAs’ CC&R enforcement with an emphasis on the statutory regulations regarding the enforcement of CC&Rs.
Recorded Spring 2020.

HOA Board Roles, Responsibilities, Meetings and Minutes

The roles and responsibilities of an HOA board member and how to assure the association's business is conducted in an efficient and professional manner.
Recorded Fall 2016.

HOA Federal Laws and Amending Association Documents

Understanding an association's requirements with regard to the Federal Fair Housing Act and other federal laws. Also learn the importance of amending an HOA's governing documents.
Recorded Fall 2016.

The Five Most Important Concerns For HOA's Right Now

This presentation looks at top five biggest issues affecting planned/condo communities during the pandemic and provided strategies for how to deal with them.
Recorded Fall 2020.

Amending Association Documents (2020)

Do your association’s CC&R’s and bylaws need to be amended? This class will teach an easy to follow 5-step process for amending association documents.
Recorded Fall 2020.

Board Member Boot Camp

You have been elected to your Board of Directors—now what?! Join us for a board member boot camp where we will cover the duties of board of directors, all there is to know about governing documents, how to abide with open meeting laws and how to collect delinquent assessments.
Recorded Fall 2020.

Tips from the Trenches for HOA/Condo Communities

How to have a successful association and not get sued! This class will discuss the importance of good communication, using licensed/bonded contractors, architectural requests, audits, records requests, reserve funding, defamation and much more.
Recorded Spring 2021

Amending Your CC&R's - Another Look

Do you have a bad provision in your CC&Rs? Are your Bylaws in conflict with Arizona Statutory Law? This seminar will discuss how to amend a HOA’s CC&Rs, Articles and Bylaws. This seminar will also discuss common provisions of the CC&Rs and Bylaws that have been trumped by recent changes to Arizona Statutory Law.
Recorded Spring 2021


Learn how to use the cloud in a reserve study, monitor short term rentals, online voting, and connect with your community. Hosted by NEIGHBORHOODY.COM.
Recorded Spring 2021

Running Effective Board Meetings

Do you feel like your HOA/Condo board meetings are too long and you aren’t accomplishing anything? This class will teach attendees the proper planning, agenda preparation and procedure for conducting productive 1-hour board meetings. Tips for following parliamentary procedure and how to take perfectly proper meeting minutes will also be discussed.
Recorded Spring 2021

Protecting the HOA: What Every HOA Should Know About Insurance

Obtaining HOA/Condo insurance may seem simple on the surface, but there are many issues to consider when bidding for, accepting and calling on insurance.
Recorded Spring 2022

HOA/Condo Finances 101

A "one-stop-shop" to learn about HOA/Condo budgets, reserve studies, financials, board member financial responsibilities and tips for preventing theft and fraud of association funds.
Recorded Spring 2022

Dazed and Confused: Marijuana and Homeowner's Associations

This presentation will update you on the Arizona marijuana laws. Discussions of options the Association has when dealing with marijuana and other similar activity such as smoking; discuss whether revising governing documents and/or creating new rules are necessary to address the issue.
Recorded Spring 2022

Legislative Update

A community association attorney provides an easy to understand run-down of the laws relative to HOA/condo communities that went into effect on Sept. 24, 2022.
Recorded Fall 2022

HOA Board Roles & Responsibilities

What are the roles and responsibilities of each HOA/Condo board member? We will cover this in this video.
Recorded Fall 2022

When Boards and Neighbors Collide

Ever wondered how to use the Arizona Department of Real Estate’s administrative hearing to resolve complaints? This seminar will cover administrative processes for handling disputes within HOAs. You’ll learn about the Arizona Department of Real Estate, adjudicative processes at the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings, case law, and statutory updates.
Recorded Fall 2022

Fair Housing Laws and Community Associations

Fair housing lawsuits and Attorney General complaints are something no HOA or condo association wants. Unfortunately, they can be easy to violate if you do not fully understand them. This seminar will discuss federal and state fair housing laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and how to avoid fair housing lawsuits and Attorney General complaints.
Recorded Fall 2022

Top 10 Reasons Boards Get Sued

This class will help HOA/condominium board members understand the legal pitfalls of operating a community association and how to avoid those mistakes. A community association attorney will walk attendees through common issues such as free speech in community associations, short-term rentals, maintenance obligations, governing document amendments, and parking on public thoroughfares within the association. In addition, it will cover the controversial medical marijuana issue, the fiduciary obligation of the directors to maintain adequate financial records, complying with records requests, and tips on following the Fair Housing Act and how and why to avoid selective enforcement.
Recorded Fall 2022

Hot Topics in HOA and Condo Law

This class will discuss new HOA/Condo laws in the 2023 Arizona Legislature, offer an update on new regulations for short-term rentals in Scottsdale and share tips on how to best manage difficult and dangerous owners in ah HOA/Condo.
Recorded Spring 2023

Scottsdale 360 Series

Short Term Rentals, The Long and Short of it!

Recorded Spring 2023

Water Wise

Recorded Spring 2023

Pinnacle Peak History

From geology to golf, the greater Pinnacle Peak area has something for every interest. Scottsdale historian Joan Fudala will present a photo-rich history of what is the geographic center of Scottsdale – the greater Pinnacle Peak area. Come wax nostalgic about Rawhide, Reata Pass, Pinnacle Peak Patio, Curry’s Corner, the Skins Games and more, focusing on the people and places of local legend and lore.
Community Historian Joan Fudala. Recorded Fall 20223

Good Neighbor Series

The Top 7 Estate Planning Mistakes

Are you among the majority of Americans who have put your estate planning on the back burner? Did you know:

  • Even if you have a will, your heirs will be stuck in a nightmare called probate court for 1-3 years. This will cost up to 6% of the total sum of your assets, or more.
  • All living trust plans are not created equal! Internet, do-it-yourself and bargain-priced trusts almost always end up in court.
  • Most living trusts wrongly expose the inheritance to your children's ex-spouses and creditors after you die.

Recorded Spring 2021
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Long Term care: Facts and Factors

A certified financial planner will provide an overview of the facts you should know about long-term care as well as factors to consider before you decide how to meet your long-term care needs.

Recorded Fall 2021

Luv 2B a Local

If you're new to Scottsdale or have been here for a few years, learn some of the "secrets" that locals know. From great resources available from the city (e.g. incredibly low-cost workout facility available to residents), community organizations, to some fascinating organizations you can volunteer your time.

History Series

From Scott to Drinkwater: The History of Scottsdale

The history of Scottsdale is presented thru the stories of fourteen people who contributed to the development from a small farm/ranch community to the innovative city of today.
Recorded Fall 2019.

Scoundrels, Rascals & Cutthroats

Learn about some of the most “nefarious” people in Scottsdale’s history and the Scottsdale lawmen who tracked them down. The stories include a murderous mailman, a murder mystery with three possible endings, and the murder of a 60’s TV star right here in Old Town!
Recorded Spring 2020.

The Great Desert Escape

The largest escape of prisoners of war in North America during World War II happened right here in Scottsdale. Join historian and author Keith Warren Lloyd as he explores the factors leading up to the escape, the escape itself and the aftermath.
Recorded Fall 2020.

Scottsdale Stories Rediscovered

In this presentation you will hear the stories about the connection between a breakfast cereal and a Scottsdale resort and how a little boy’s wish led to the creation on an international organization.
Recorded Fall 2020.

Stories from the Files of the Scottsdale Police Department

Scottsdale Neighborhood College takes a look at fascinating crimes, direct from the files of the Scottsdale Police Department! Cases include an explosive situation at a city facility that targeted a city employee and a bank robbery that started in Scottsdale and led to an international manhunt.
Recorded Fall 2020.

Scoundrels, Rascals & Cutthroats Part 2

Our storyteller is back with two Scottsdale cases from the 1970s and 1990s, yet they have a relevance today. There is a story of a teenager who was believed to have run away from home but was found dead more than 10 years later and a shocking story of two men who were murdered after a road rage incident.
Recorded Spring 2021.

Scottsdale Stories: Behind the Business

Some businesses stay around for more than one generation. But do you know the story behind the business? We will look at an auto parts store that became one of the longest-lasting restaurants in Old Town and an insurance agent whose office has become a museum of Arizona history!
Recorded Spring 2021.

Spooky Stories of Scottsdale

In this presentation, our storyteller shares three stories about people in Scottsdale who met an unusual end over the last 85 years. Could these people be the ghosts that haunt the buildings of Old Town?
Recorded Fall 2021.

The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

A man who lived in a small town in Arizona was found dead in his brother’s Scottsdale apartment in the 1970s. The suspect was apprehended quickly but the masterminds in the case were harder to convict. Learn about this fascinating case and its implications for Scottsdale and Arizona.
Recorded Fall 2021.

Scottsdale: Behind the Photos

Join us as we take an in-depth look at the history behind several iconic photos of Scottsdale. Hear the stories of a forgotten pioneer family, an iconic restaurant from Old Town's past, a woman who played an important part in the early development of the city and a cool experimental police car from the 1970s.
Recorded Spring 2022.

'Til Death Do Us Part

Learn about two local romances gone wrong. In 1962, a couple was murdered just north of Scottsdale on county land, and the case wasn’t solved for nine years. But did the police catch the real killer or was he framed? In the second case, a woman was spotted dumping part of her husband’s body in a dumpster in Mesa. We’ll revisit the story of his death which gripped the Valley.
Recorded November 2022.

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