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What we are about:

  • We are seeking individuals who are enthusiastic about showcasing Scottsdale
  • Ambassadors serve as a primary point of contact for any visitors to Old Town Scottsdale
  • Ambassadors are called upon to be well informed on a number of issues related to getting around Old Town as well as places to visit during their stay
  • The success of the Ambassador program relies heavily on your commitment – through your generous contribution of time and energy

Staffing Opportunities:

  • The Ambassador Program staffs information carts located at both Main St & Brown Avenue and at 5th Avenue and Stetson, seven days a week, from October through May.
  • We ask that you work a minimum of 30 hours throughout the year.
  • Opportunities include:
    • Cart Shifts. Regularly scheduled 2- or 3-hour shifts at one of the two cart locations. Shifts are between 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. at the Historic Old Town Cart; 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the 5th Avenue cart.
    • Roving. These volunteers walk around Old Town providing information to the visitors while on the street and meeting the local merchants.
    • Special Events. Hosting information tables during Spring Training games, Western Week, Scottsdazzle and a variety of other events occurring around Old Town.
    • Stocking the carts & kiosks. Schedules typically include picking up supplies from storage and delivering them to the two carts either Tuesday - Thursday or Friday - Monday. This is typically only one time frame per month but could be less depending on the number of stockers.
    • Old Town Farmers Market. Volunteers will get weekly opportunities to host an informational booth on Saturday mornings at the Old Town Farmers Market.
    • Guided Public Walking Tours. With proper training, volunteers will host FREE guided walking tours for the public in several areas around Old Town Scottsdale.

Training & Recognition:

  • All ambassadors will be outfitted with basic clothing and a name badge to help identify you to visitors.
  • All Ambassadors will be subject to a background check through the city of Scottsdale.
  • All new Ambassadors will be accompanied by a seasoned Ambassador on your first shifts so that you can see first-hand how to utilize materials at the information cart and field most of the questions you receive. Subsequent shifts will be with a designated partner. 
  • Each fall, an orientation & training session is held for you to meet the other Ambassadors and learn what is available downtown and what establishments have changed or added. This session is mandatory and is designed to update and educate you so you can help enhance a tourist’s downtown experience.
  • Via email, you will receive weekly updates to keep you informed on special events, new projects in the downtown area and new resources.
  • Each Spring, a Thank You event will be held to recognize all your efforts and all that you do to make the Downtown experience the best it can be for our visitors.
  • Additional informational training classes will be held throughout the season.

Ways to register:

Request information on becoming an ambassador today!

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Contact Information

Ross Heyl
Program Coordinator
P: 480-312-2832
[email protected]