Water rebate program updates mean more money for customers

xeriscape landscapeAs Scottsdale Water’s Conservation Office gears up to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the city is rolling out some exciting updates to its popular rebate program. Most significantly, Scottsdale Water is increasing warm-season turf removal rebate maximums for both residential and commercial customers! 

Rebates for warm-season turf removal are up to $5,000 per single-family residential home (previously capped at $1,500) and up to $20,000 per commercial, HOA or multifamily property (previously $15,000). Customers may also receive rebates for removing an in-ground pool and/or spa and for removing a salt-based water softener. All removal rebates require preapproval.

The single-most effective way to reduce water use at home is to use water more efficiently outside. To help, Scottsdale Water offers rebates of up to $250 for the installation of smart WaterSense irrigation controllers, which self-adjust irrigation times to reflect changes in the weather. As part of the updates to this year’s rebate program, Scottsdale has increased the rebate amount for irrigation controllers for commercial, HOA, and multifamily properties to up to $400, depending on the number of stations.  

Rebates are also available for WaterSense product installations and include up to $25 per showerhead, $75 per toilet and $200 per urinal.  Commercial, HOA, and multifamily properties may receive up to $250 per Flushometer-valve (no tank) toilets.

The best time to apply is now! Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis until application deadlines or fund depletion. All removal rebate applications are due by Feb. 28, 2020 and all WaterSense product rebate applications are due April 30, 2020. Rebate funds were fully depleted for the previous three years – don’t wait! To expedite rebate processing review program requirements and apply  online or obtain a hardcopy by calling 480-312-5650.



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