The Scottsdale Angels Are Ready

The Scottsdale Police Department, in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family (GOYFF) is excited to announce that the first Scottsdale Angel Volunteers are now ready to help those wishing to participate in the Scottsdale Angel Initiative. This is the final step in the partnership launched in November 2017 to bring the Arizona Angel Initiative to Scottsdale. 

In Scottsdale, Arizona and across the Nation, we are experiencing unprecedented increases in the distribution and use of opiates. Opioid prescription drugs, heroin and now fentanyl are present in our communities. The risks of addiction and overdose have never been higher. The Arizona Angel Initiative is an effort of the GOYFF to address this ongoing opioid epidemic. to external site

The Scottsdale Police Department is partnering with the GOYFF to support this effort in our community. Adults wishing to participate in the Scottsdale Arizona Angel Initiative can contact any Scottsdale Police Department Officer or walk into any of our four District Stations (Monday- Friday between 8:00am and 5;00pm) and declare their desire to participate in the Angel Initiative. Participants will be required to present a valid form of identification.  Any drugs and/or drug paraphernalia they possess can be turned in to the officer without fear of arrest (pending all criteria below being met). Department representatives will then facilitate the pairing of the participant with a program Angel. The Angel, a program volunteer committed to helping those suffering from addiction, will provide an evaluation and work to secure appropriate services.

The Angels role is as follows:

Ensures a warm handoff from the precinct to the detox/treatment center is coordinated to ensure successful placement occurs. Angel Navigators connect with participants as soon as possible after the initial phone call from law enforcement. 
Connect participants to appropriate resources
Facilitate transition to resources to give participants the best possible chance for full recovery
Arrange childcare for parents struggling through and working on their recovery

Individuals who choose to become part of the Angel Initiative must meet the following criteria: Be an adult---over the age of 18 and have a valid city, state or federal picture identification
Live in the city of Scottsdale 
Not be a fugitive of justice or have any prior or pending charges for crimes involving violence, arson, sex, children or the elderly
Not have a criminal conviction for possession with intent to transport or sell, no drug violations in a school zone or more than three drug related arrests
Be willing and able to follow staff directions and physically and mentally be able to self-manage personal hygiene and self -care within a non-medical, non-psychiatric facility.
Those with physical or mental disorders must be considered “stable” and take medications as prescribed by their physician
If detox is required, persons must be willing to go to detox and obtain medical clearance.

“Drug addiction, and specifically opioid and heroin addiction, can devastate and destroy individuals, families and whole communities.  The City of Scottsdale, and the men and women of the Scottsdale Police Department work hard every day to combat this by identifying and bringing to justice drug trafficking organizations and those individuals responsible for the distribution and sale of these illicit drugs that are harming our community. Our efforts cannot and do not stop there. The Angel Initiative is another step in our efforts to combat this issue,” stated Scottsdale District Commander Rich Slavin.

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