Taxiway A North & Runup Area Reconstruction Project Starts Oct. 10

Construction will start on the Taxiway A north & Runup Area Project on Monday, October 10. This project will address aging pavement, reconfigure taxiway geometry to meet FAA standards and, most importantly, provide for additional capacity for aircraft departing on runway 21 from Taxiway A. See full-size project diagram


This project will take approximately 87 calendar days to complete. Some of this work will need to be completed at night with the runway closed. A separate e-newsletter will be sent soon with a schedule of planned overnight runway closure dates.

Throughout the duration of this project, Taxiway A, from A13 to A16, will be closed. In order accommodate departures from the Taxiway A side of the airport, the Aviation department will temporarily allow for departures on runway 21 from Taxiway A10, A11 and 12.

Pilots that need the full-length runway take off distance on runway 21 will need to contact ATC to get clearance to use the Taxiway B departure at B16.

If you have any questions, please contact Airport Operations at 480-312-8478.

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