Summer expected to repeat last season's fire danger

Fire officials urge residents in urban interface to reduce threat

Fire Officials are warning that a repeat of last year’s fire season should be expected for Summer 2020.  The desert is a pretty green this Spring, but it turns into perfect fuel for a brush fire as temps rise and humidity falls – especially in the northern part of Scottsdale where there is the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and plenty of Natural Area Open Spaces.

Even with nature’s threat, it is possible to minimize the community’s risk with these types of incidents.

The following steps can be taken to protect property from a wildland fire.

  • Create a 30-foot defensible safety zone around individual homes and properties by removing flash fuels, thinning overgrown vegetation in these defensible space areas, and removing dry and dead vegetation around the home.
  • Manage the vegetation fuel load by initially focusing on and removing invasive plants, especially around permanent residential structures.
  • Trim the lower branches on trees, up to 4ft to 6ft from the desert floor and remove overgrown branches from the roof and patio areas of the home.
  • Address and remove the accumulation of dead branches or leaves, especially near structures. 
  • Do not keep flammable items or allow excessive foliage to collect underneath wooden decks and other combustible overhangs.
  • Keep eaves, gutters, and roofs clear of leaves and combustible debris.
  • Keep a garden hose connected to exterior hose bibs and available for use.
  • Be keenly aware of potential ignition sources like fireplaces, BBQ grills, improper disposal of smoking materials and fireworks.
  • If you believe you see a wildfire incident, call 911 immediately while the fire is still small and before you take action yourself. 

Get more wildland safety tips at the Scottsdale Fire Department  If you are a Scottsdale resident, you can schedule a free wildland safety inspection or learn how your community can become “Firewise” by calling SFD at 480-312-FIRE (3473).  

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