Scottsdale residents report high satisfaction in community survey

People who live in Scottsdale enjoy a high quality of life and consider the community an excellent place to live, according to responses in the National Community Survey conducted in December and January.

Scottsdale residents showed high levels of satisfaction with safety in the community and ranked the local economy as a top priority. The survey results provide insight into how city residents feel about their community, about their local government, and about their interactions with both. Some noteworthy information from the 67-page survey report are highlighted below.

Notable results (percent rating "excellent" or "good"):

  • Scottsdale as a place to live  - 98 percent
  • Scottsdale as a place to visit  - 97 percent
  • Overall quality of life in Scottsdale  - 95 percent
  • Daytime neighborhood safety  -  95 percent
  • Likely to recommend living in Scottsdale  -  94 percent
  • Quality of utility structure  -  93 percent
  • Quality of fire services  -  93 percent
  • Overall health and wellness opportunities  -  92 percent
  • Public library services  -  90 percent

Residents report a high quality of life and positive feelings about living in Scottsdale

As in the 2021 survey, nearly all respondents reported their overall quality of life and Scottsdale as a place to live as excellent or good; a similar percentage offered high ratings to the overall image or reputation of Scottsdale. More than 90% of residents said they were likely to remain in Scottsdale for the next five years and were likely to recommend living in Scottsdale. All but one of these ratings were higher than those found in comparison communities. About two-thirds of survey respondents offered positive evaluations of the sense of community in Scottsdale, although only about half rated their connection and engagement with their community as excellent or good.

Ratings of the local economy remain strong, while feelings about commercial and residential development fell

Nearly all aspects of community livability and services related to the economy were rated positively by at least a majority of residents and were rated higher or much higher than the national comparisons. The top-rated aspects had more than 9 in 10 residents offering positive ratings including Scottsdale as a place to visit and as a place to work, shopping opportunities and the overall quality of business and service establishments. While more than half of residents gave high marks to residential and commercial development, residents' rating of the overall design or layout of residential and commercial areas dropped by 15%, and ratings of the overall quality of new development fell nearly 10%.

Most residents appreciate their local government and leadership and offer high evaluations to the value of services for taxes paid

Most residents offered positive evaluations to the various aspects of Scottsdale’s local government and leadership with as many as 8 in 10 positively rating the overall customer service of Scottsdale employees and quality of services provided by the city. Positive ratings of the value of services for taxes paid held steady with the number reported in 2021, remaining higher than national benchmarks.

Affordability in Scottsdale could be a focus area

While the overall city economy is rated highly, the number of residents rating their cost of living as excellent or good dropped more than 10% from the 2021 survey. Fewer than 2 in 10 residents offered a positive rating of the availability of affordable quality housing, a rating which also dropped more than 10% from 2021. The rating of affordable housing is the among the very few where Scottsdale is below the national benchmark. Fewer than 6 in 10 gave positive marks to the availability of affordable quality childcare/preschool.

The survey and its methodology

Scottsdale regularly surveys its residents to give them a chance to rate their quality of life and provide feedback on city programs and services. The results help Scottsdale set service priorities and provide comparisons with other cities.

The National Community Survey is designed specifically for use by local governments and has been used by more than 600 communities nationwide. Because similar surveys are conducted in hundreds of jurisdictions, Scottsdale can compare its results with other cities across the country.

A random sample of 5,500 households in Scottsdale received the survey by mail in December 2022 and January 2023. About 13% of those completed and returned the survey. The margin of error around any reported percentage is 4% for the entire sample of 652 completed surveys. In addition, 689 people took an online version available to everyone (results will be tabulated and posted separately).

More information and the full set of survey results are provided at, search “community survey.”

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