Scottsdale is seeking its next poet laureate

Scottsdale resident Bob Frost has been Scottsdale's poet laureate since 2010. Now, Bob is ready to become the city's first poet laureate emeritus - and hand the reins over to a new poet laureate.

"Scottsdale has been a haven for the arts since its earliest days," said Mayor David D. Ortega. "We have preserved and grown our legacy as a city of the arts ever since. Bob Frost has been a wonderful poet laureate, and I am very pleased to have his assistance as the city finds our next great poetic voice."

The mayor's office is working in partnership with Scottsdale Public Library and Scottsdale Arts on the 2021 Poet Laureate Search. The search seeks a poet to continue Bob's work, someone who will enhance the profile of poetry, poets, and literary arts throughout Scottsdale, especially for those with less access or exposure to poetry.

All practicing poets (over the age of 18) who have demonstrable connections to Scottsdale are invited to apply. The poet laureate will serve for a four-year term and will be provided an annual honorarium of $1,500.

Learn more and apply by Friday, June 4.

Morning in the McDowells

by Scottsdale Poet Laureate Bob Frost
Early morning sun shafts spike through mountain peaks lighting up the haloed prickly pear and stately saguaro, while wisps of pink clouds on a blue backdrop angle away and south to where the sky is not yet ready for day.
I find myself pausing more than walking,
Listening more than thinking,
Seeing more than watching, and...
Feeling more than usual.
Being careful not to tumble small rocks in my path or brush the prickly branch of the
Foothill Palo Verde, I look for new experiences.  The color of light as it dances through a
Chuparosa bush, the song of a sage thrasher and smell of the dew moistened desert
mountain floor elevate my spirits.
I find myself wishing more than dreaming,
Leaving footprints rather than words,
Being more random than focused,
Feeling more alive than usual.
Perched on a grainy lichen-colored boulder, I watch the sun warm the desert floor, lighting its path with yellow brittlebush.  I wish that I were all of us so that we could embrace this moment as one.  We could hear, see, feel, smell and be together as this rather normal dawn renews its world.
We would feel more peaceful than angry
Hear more than one heart beating,
See more than our reflection.
We would feel more than usual.


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