Scottsdale City Council begins examining draft sustainability plan

Scottsdale is making strides toward a more sustainable, resilient and thriving future by developing its Community Sustainability Plan, a commitment outlined in the city's 2021 and 2022 Organization Strategic Plans, and an integral part of the city’s 2035 General Plan. 

On Monday, Nov. 13, City Council held a work study session to discuss several draft elements of the plan, including its introduction, air quality and water sections. Draft sections on energy, waste and heat will be addressed in a Council Work Study Session in March 2024.  

City Council's feedback from previous work study sessions played a pivotal role in shaping the plan's five key areas – energy, water, waste, air quality and heat – into narrative elements that communicate the significance of sustainability. City Council also recognized the need to establish baseline metrics, set numeric targets and consider the costs and benefits of action. 

The Scottsdale Environmental Advisory Commission (SEAC), composed of seven residents with expertise in sustainability, helped shape the plan's framework, aspirations, and messaging, ensuring it aligns with the character of Scottsdale. 

Scottsdale recognizes the importance of expanding sustainability efforts to address challenges such as drought, extreme heat, air pollution and energy use. Scottsdale's Community Sustainability Plan will be a roadmap with specific action steps to achieve long-term goals and emphasizes the need for cohesive implementation by both the city and community members. This comprehensive approach aligns with the vision of the 2035 General Plan, complementing existing initiatives and paving the way for new programs. 

"Every household, business boardroom, church and school values responsible, reliable city services,” Scottsdale Mayor David D. Ortega said. “Working together we can set goals, and measure results to sustain a healthy, thriving community into the future." 

Scottsdale's commitment to sustainability began decades ago, and Monday’s City Council work study session represents another step forward in this journey, reaffirming the city's dedication to being good stewards of the environment. 

Scottsdale invites all residents, businesses, and stakeholders to join in this sustainability journey. Together, we can shape a more resilient, and thriving future for our city. 

For more information, visit, search “sustainability plan.” 

View the agenda item. 


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