Scottsdale City Council adopts amendment, ordinance protecting neighborhoods

If you own a short-term or vacation rental in Scottsdale, be aware that some rules will be changing.

Starting in 30 days, you will have to provide required contact information.

The Scottsdale City Council recently adopted an amendment to an existing code that will require owners of short-term or vacation rentals to provide emergency and complaint contact information including names, email addresses and phone numbers. The amendment also emphasizes that these rentals may not be used for non-residential purposes such as restaurants, event centers, commercial business, etc. 

Owners of these properties can provide information here.


In 2017, Arizona State Legislature enacted A.R.S. §9-500.39 which eliminates the ability for local cities and towns including Scottsdale to regulate these types of rentals based solely on their classification or use. Consequently, these rentals are allowed, by state law, in Scottsdale. Prior to this state-mandated law, the city prohibited rentals 30 days or fewer.

Nuisance Parties and Unlawful Gatherings Ordinance

The City Council also voted  to adopt a citywide "Nuisance Parties and Unlawful Gatherings" ordinance. The ordinance specifically addresses unruly parties or gatherings and makes it easier to hold property owners accountable for repeated unruly gatherings or parties. This ordinance applies to all private residences whether they are long term rentals, short term rentals or owner occupied. Additionally, police service fees are built into the ordinance based on the number of times public safety responds to a complaint.

Read the Council Action Reports here (Items 11 and 12).

Get more information about short-term, vacation rentals.


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