Scottsdale adopts mandatory green building requirements

Scottsdale has led the way on green building initiatives since the 90s – a trend the city continued when the Scottsdale City Council recently adopted the 2021 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code and the International Green Construction Code as mandatory codes.  

It’s an innovative step toward long-term sustainability – Scottsdale is the first city in the state and one of only a few nationwide to implement such guidelines. 

The change helps Scottsdale clarify code provisions, protect natural resources and account for new technologies. It’s also expected to cut 20% of each new building’s water use and reduce greenhouse gas emission by at least 10 percent. 

“This aligns with Scottdale’s General Plan 2035 goal to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the heat island effect in our city,” Senior Building Consultant Anthony Floyd said. 

New Scottsdale commercial developments will be required to follow the city’s green building code – standards set to ensure environmental practices in the building industry. 

International Energy Conservation Code

The new energy conservation code applies to new residential and commercial buildings. 

Benefits include improving residential ceiling insulation and cool roof surfaces; installing high efficiency lighting, interior lighting controls with dimmers and sensors, and exterior lighting with automatic shut offs during daylight; and adding electrical vehicle charging infrastructure and solar-ready roof tops.  

These changes will result in lower energy use, cost savings, thermal comfort and reduced environmental impacts. It is estimated that energy codes for residential and commercial buildings nationwide will see a $138 billion energy cost savings and 900 million metric tons of avoided CO2 emissions (2010-2040). 

The energy conservation code goes into effect Jan. 7, 2023.  

2021 International Green Construction Code 

The new green construction code applies to all new commercial and multifamily buildings.  

Environmental benefits include conserving natural resources, improved air quality, enhanced occupant comfort and health, reduced waste streams, low environmental impactful materials and minimized strain on local infrastructure.  

Economic benefits include reduced operating costs, occupant productivity, life-cycle cost savings and improved property value.  

Social benefits include equity and access to improved quality of life.  

The new 2021 green construction code goes into effect July 1, 2023.  

More information: Green Building Program and Building Code Information

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