Right Tree, Right Place program keeps Scottsdale safe and shaded

The city of Scottsdale is partnering with SRP to remove approximately 130 trees dangerously encroaching on powerlines. Trees more suitable for the respective areas will replace those removed at a ratio of three new trees for each removed.

The Right Tree, Right Place program helps SRP maintain electric reliability, ensure public safety and work toward the goal of adding shade and reducing the urban heat island effect. Heat islands are urbanized areas that experience higher temperatures than outlying areas. This program also reduces the cost of managing vegetation, saving taxpayers money.

"Trees play an important role in shaping the character of Scottsdale. For 40 years, the city has been recognized as a 'Tree City USA' by the Arbor Day Foundation," said Brett Jackson, parks and recreation manager. "Having nearly 400 new trees planted in Scottsdale will help that legacy to continue."

Branches that infringe upon power lines can cause power outages and fires, so SRP often trims and prunes trees to avoid danger. But trimming and pruning can also be detrimental to a tree’s health and requires ongoing maintenance. As a solution, SRP plants power-line friendly trees of a more suitable height for those areas. Removed trees will be made into wood chips and compost.

The program, funded by SRP, will begin with tree removal in October. Replanting is expected to be complete in the spring. The extra trees with be planted in other places in our city along our public streets and in our parks providing beauty and additional shade canopy around Scottsdale.

Work in project areas will occur in phases and is primarily contained to city parks and along public streets. These maps show where the trees that affect power lines will be removed and replaced:

You should never attempt to trim trees near power lines or hire a tree trimming contractor to work within 10 feet of energized power lines. If you want to trim near overhead lines that run between a power pole and your home or other structure on your property, please call SRP at 602-236-8888.

For more information on Scottsdale's Right Tree, Right Place project areas, call 480-312-3111.

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