Parks and Recreation Resource Management, Audit No. 2208

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The Parks and Recreation department operates four aquatic facilities and manages and processes reservations for 109 sports fields at city parks and certain public schools. While many sports activities are city-sponsored, the department works with non-profit and other organizations to schedule fields and pools for other youth sports and activities.

Field and pool resource management can be improved by standardizing processes, narrowing maintenance windows, and configuring the recreation management system effectively.  Field availability is limited by closures, locked fields, scheduled maintenance and activity set-up hours. As well, pools’ individual lane use is not tracked, and policy does not ensure swim lanes are reserved for public use. Website information should be kept up-to-date and allow users to reserve fields directly. Additionally, the department should ensure that the recreation management system is configured to simplify charging accurate pool fees and recording to the correct accounts. Finally, the department should calculate the full operating costs for pools and fields when evaluating cost recovery rates to be proposed for City Council approval.


The department responded that staff will be working to implement the recommendations to the greatest degree possible though there may be some field maintenance, system, and similar limitations.


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