Mothers Against Drunk Driving honors city prosecutors

Assistant City Prosecutors Ed Schoeler and Jared Johnson recently received Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) DUI Enforcement Prosecutor of the Year Awards for their work in prosecuting hundreds of DUI cases in their time with the city. 



Ed first began working on DUI prosecutions as a second year law student when he began working nearly full time as a law clerk for the Pima County Attorney’s Office (PCAO).  As a clerk, he drafted motions and responses for busy DUI prosecutors and sat second chair in DUI jury trials under then Rule 38(d).  He became well-versed in DUI caselaw and was often given the opportunity to see the arguments made in court by the DUI prosecutors on the motions and responses that he drafted.   He continued his clerkship with PCAO into his third year and the summer beyond.  After taking the bar exam, he went to work as a judicial law clerk for Superior Court Judge Howard Fell, who sat on the criminal bench.  There he worked as a clerk and a bailiff and sat through several Aggravated DUI trials, witnessing both the prosecution and the defense present arguments and working closely with the jurors who decided the cases.


After his judicial clerkship ended, he worked briefly at a civil law firm in Phoenix and then hired on as a full time prosecutor at the Pima County Attorney’s Office (PCAO).  There, he was assigned to the Misdemeanor Unit and tasked with trying almost exclusively, misdemeanor DUI jury cases.  He received excellent training in trial advocacy and was able to try a couple dozen DUI jury cases in less than two years’ time.  His first felony jury trial was an Aggravated DUI case, while he was at PCAO.  After 20 months at PCAO, he hired on with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO). He was assigned to a misdemeanor justice court, but because he had so much time and experience trying DUI cases before juries, his Bureau Chief asked him to mentor and sit second chair for less experienced prosecutors in their first DUI jury trials.  For a couple months, his job consisted of driving around Maricopa County to various justice courts to argue motions and work with DUI prosecutors on their jury cases.


After five years at MCAO prosecuting mainly felony cases, he decided to go back to misdemeanor prosecution and hired on with the City of Scottsdale.  Since coming to Scottsdale he has tried multiple misdemeanor DUI cases and have earned a reputation as a prosecutor willing to take difficult cases to trial.  He enjoys the specialized knowledge and arguments that are needed to effectively try DUI cases, particularly the science component of the cases.  He also receives enormous satisfaction knowing he is making the streets of his community a safer place to live, work and drive.




Jared Johnson was born and raised in Chandler and attended Dobson High School.  He earned his degree in Secondary Education History from Arizona State University in 2006.  He then went on to earn his Juris Doctor from the University of Arizona in 2009.  His first job out of law school was clerking for Judge Christopher Browning at Pima County Superior Court.  He then went on to work as a prosecutor for the City of Marana in Tucson before being hired at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. While at Marana, Jared prosecuted many misdemeanor DUI cases.  Jared worked for 5 years prosecuting felonies first in the Repetitive Offenders Program and then in the Gang Bureau.  He conducted over 40 felony trials in his time at MCAO and co-counseled the trial against Alan Champagne where the State obtained a 260 year sentence for the attempted murder of several Phoenix Police Swat officers.


Jared then went to the City of Scottsdale Prosecutor’s office in 2017 and has made DUI prosecutions his primary focus with an emphasis on taking difficult cases to trial.  Since he started Jared has done more DUI trials than anyone in the office and worked to hold offenders accountable even where the facts or witnesses make obtaining a conviction a challenge.  He enjoys the special challenge presented by DUIs in overcoming legally and factually dubious defenses and defense experts who misapply the science.   He also receives enormous satisfaction knowing he is making the streets of his community a safer place to live, work and drive.  Jared is a hardworking and dedicated prosecutor, who seeks to insure that justice is done especially for crime victims.

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