Ambulance Services Contract, Audit No. 2009

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Scottsdale Fire Department is the first responder for medical emergencies in the City while transportation to the hospital is contracted out to Maricopa Ambulance. The City does not pay for ambulance services; instead, Maricopa bills the patient or their insurance provider for service and reimburses the City for advanced life support provided by City firefighters.

The audit found that the Contract Administrator has not ensured Maricopa Ambulance provides monthly ambulance response time reports required by the contract. Based on our analysis of call center data, Maricopa did not meet their Priority 1 response time goal in 8 of the 18 months reviewed. However, during the audit, the Fire Department and Maricopa researched and provided documentation for enough calls to bring the contractor into compliance for those 8 months.

Further, the Fire Department’s advanced life support service reimbursement billing process is not consistent or reliable. For example, some invoices did not match the support documentation and some basic life support calls were billed as advanced life support. In addition, reimbursement invoices were not always sent or paid timely. Between February 2018 and June 2020, the contractor paid 93% of advanced life support reimbursements late. As well, the City’s transport policy should be reevaluated, and data controls and contract administration can be improved.


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